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        Look, here is what will happen.


        IW will see one piece of equipment gets more kills than any other for the number of points required for it.


        Remember bouncing betty's - they got too many kills and were nerfed.


        PLEASE, keep using IED and getting kills, it makes the upcoming nerf all the more certain/


        Don't you think IW look at the stats ?


        Or do you think they look at posts calling people noobs or cry babies ?


        Thank you.

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          So you are a skilled player ? My KD is 2, obviously yours is well above that and of course being having such great aiming and gun skills you don't need IED kills and need to camp, of course not, your so great.

          • 22. Re: Leave IEDs alone, they are fine.

            Thats not whats going to happen, that's your personal fantasy.

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              I dont think that IEDs are overpowered in any way, I don't care if they nerf them, but I must say I would prefer them to be a little more noticeable, betties were easy to see and easy to duck under, clay ores were less easy to see but acted in one direction, IEDs are very difficult too notice. To those who say they can run str8 thru them I believe that it is an internet connection phenomenon coz I tried in private match with agility and marathon, cant run over it or by it. I would like them to have lighter flashes or louder sounds but it is not game changing to me, there are other things that need attention more than IEDs.

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                Chucky6661 wrote:

                but I must say I would prefer them to be a little more noticeable,

                I agree with this. Not overly noticeable but if you're halfway intelligent you can find places to put IEDs where they're 99% invisible. Cave walls, boxes, rocks, dirt, trash. If there's even a little bit of brown or slight shadow you can't really tell. And the blinking light isn't all that noticeable either, not when you're engaging in combat anyway.


                I understand that you can use a perk to see them but considering I basically have to run Incog and Off-Grid with as many Satcoms and Thermal sights that are used my points are stretched thin.

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                  The main problem that I see with IEDs has little to do with IEDs and everything to do with the horrible spawning on FFA.

                  Danger close and extra lethal provide a deadly combination.

                  People have taken to tossing an IED as soon as they spawn to kill the next unfortunate soul that spawns in that spot.

                  Fix the spawns and everyone's blood pressure about IEDs will ease up.

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                    Maybe it is a hardcore thing, but I have ran sitrep rep from game 1 and I still die from the damn things every other game.   I admit that sometimes it is due to my impatience, however, I have had cases where (when I shot them) they blow me up on the other side of the wall, 20 ft away, up stairs in a window, etc etc.


                    I cant speak for core, but the blast radius on those things in hardcore is just a little much. 


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                      I think it just needs a reduction in its detection radius, it will detect my movements and start beeping from like 8 - 10 ft away and through a wall... It should start beeping when you are literally next to it not 10 feet away. Pretty much how Bouncing betties worked.

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                        I've yet to see it detect me from 10 feet away, not even 5 feet.

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                          I don't get why people are crying about them so much there are three or four counters one of them being Sitrep the other counters are backing up after the first beep another counter is running through them and the fourth counter is Blast Shield. Not to mention they are inconsistent pieces of garbage because a lot the times I have been hit by them I never died sometimes they do no damage to me at all. They are also useless when you don't put them on or near the ground so there is no point in them sticking to anything. They do need a short detection range and an instant detonation time though so they actually kill someone if they aren't on the ground I don't get why I have to either put them on the ground or use Danger Close just to get a kill with them. Anyone who complains about the IEDs seriously needs to learn to adapt they aren't even close to good so they don't even need a nerf.