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        30. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

        just today i say someone lvl 12 running around in full chew garb. iv played CoD a many years and i call BS that you can get it at lvl 12 without having someone eating your rounds to help

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          31. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

          Oh please - - - at least you get the best camo uniform when you've completed the Chrome Barrel objective.

          A MUCH more difficult challenge is the MR Iron Sights challenge/objective.  For 850 kills you get a gold outlined badge.

          Try it as I have with the SVU - - - - talk about frustrating - - - at least a sniper kills with as little as one shot.

          The SVU with iron sights is erratic at best; sometimes its a two shot kill from long distance;  more likely it is a semiauto spray and pray from twenty feet with less accuracy than a slug shotgun.


          And I have to agree; with the frequency of players I've encountered running around with ghillie suits its not uncommon.

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            32. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

            Done the challenge got the suit without boosting.... and I am not a quickscoping freak either nor do I have the best connection.... earn it !!!

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              33. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

              You are going to see weird LEVEL accomplishments in Ghosts.

              The fact is that since you can level up multiple squad members simultaneously the level that an opponent sees ONLY relates to the current character AND once you've unlocked a uniform it is available for every squad member on your character list even a Level ONE,

              I've opened nine squad members and have only completed the prestige (maximum level 60) on two of them - and I'm leveling them all up simultaneously - so you're going to see people whom are low levels on a squad member playing out of their mind even with low prestiges.

              And its entirely possible for an individual to go from a First Prestige to a Tenth Prestige overnight - - -

              Don't call foul - - Ghosts allows for strange appearances.

              You could see a no prestige, level one with a ghillie suit and there be nothing out of the ordinary - - -

              they may just be playing with a newly opened squad member; AND since you start out with minimal reset Perks on a new squad members it would only make sense for a player to take advantage of whatever they have previously opened and IS transferrable to a new squad member (ie ghillie suit outfit).

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                34. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

                Yeah, poppa's got the right of it here. I pay more attention to time played than I do to level/prestige.

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                  35. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

                  nicedrewishfela wrote:


                  Its a challenge... its supposed to be... challenging.


                  And as many Ghillie suits as I am seeing, perhaps it is too easy.


                  You want it? Earn it.

                  Hey well said!

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                    36. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

                    he was legitly lvl 12 iv played enough CoD and i have played on two separate accounts for ghost. im not saying im a good player but even using my average scores or best games i dont see how anyone could get it that fast without doing something boosty

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                      37. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

                      You don't get it. Have you ever thought that the ghillie suit player have a higher level squad member that he used to unlock the suit? He most likely unlocked the suit on his higher level squad member and used it on his level 12.

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                        38. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

                        So here we are with another person with another complaint because someone has something they don't. If you really want something, then you need to focus on that. If you are worried about how well your team is doing or whatever else, then do not join that particular game type. Hop into something like Ground War, TDM or even Kill Confirmed where you can pick people off and just not collect tags. Seriously, the amount of complaining by people that goes into a game is embarrassing. When you realize that you are working towards something that really is of no advantage (in my own opinion), then you really need to quit complaining over a ghillie suit. Play the game and challenge yourself. 850 kills will come in no time if you aren't checking the challenge after each 5 kill game you have. Just go with it and at the end of a match when you see your rewards, reap them with joy.


                        Until then, enjoy your whining with some cheese.

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                          39. Re: Ghillie Suit Challenge is Absurd

                          you don't get it i'm competent enough to know that we have 10 different prestige's and anything unlocked transfers to the next i have over 3 days played. what i'm saying is the time played didn't match up to the fact he had the chrome line done. when i say he was legitly lvl 12 that means he was LEGITLY lvl 12. not lvl 12 with 3 days played. not lvl 12 5th prestige. but actually just plan lvl 12  

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