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    I just can't solo anymore.

      Ok, I've had it.
      I have a near 2 Kdr and near 7 WLR, I love playing with people and am generally very easy-going.
      I also love to win, and know most call-outs and strads for every SnD/Dom/Tdm map.
      I would be incredibly happy to start playing with people here, particularly good players.
      This is the type of game where it feels incredibly empty without friends, unlike Crossfire/counter Strike where you can go into pub-games, smash everyone and immediately get popular ._.This may be CoD but there still is a relatively high skill ceiling, especially with teamplay, so I would love more than anything to starting playing with some good players. If anyone wants to add this formerly sponsored lonely CoD player, add me up

      PSN: S-tier.