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    hackers why do you do it?


      Simple question, I've tried to think why, it's not to get good,  there's no kudos in cheating, once ppl have worked out that you're a hacker no one takes any notice of ya stats, don't God mode become boring and ultimately it must get lonely once everyone has left your lobby. There might be satisfaction in breaking the game code, of putting one over the devs but it's legit players your screwing! And anyhow it can't be that hard to watch a YouTube vid and paste and copy or whatever you have to do. In the end it's just a reflection on your own moral compass an inferiority complex you can't get over . So if there is anyone about with a little bit of backbone can you justify hacking try and recoup a stained character, I'm not expecting a reply.........by the way this ain't a whinge cus I know I'm not too good, kd 1.1, spm around 750 and I had a good bash at it today !