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    Extinction - basics you need to know

      Played extinction a little, learned the mode a little, hopefully this info will be useful to you:


      1. Challenges are a MUST. Each completed challenge gives you 1 extra skill point. They help a lot! Do whatever you need but get that challenge completed!

      2. Challenge is made for EVERYONE! So if challenge says "use only melee to take down aliens", use only melee! This applies to everyone on the team! If someone fires a bullet, you're ALL busted. If it says "keep accuracy at 75% or better", only fire when the enemy is at point-blank and not moving. Only with pistols or shotguns! Every missed bullet makes it MUCH harder for the team to keep up with the challenge. Use melee!

      3. Using money. Press 3, 4, 5, 6 to buy stuff. Yes, it shows "press up down left right", but it actually means "press 3-4-5-6". Funny how it wasn't made to properly show bound buttons and instead shows gamepad controls.

      4. Upgrading skills. If you complete a challenge, you gain 1 skill! You also gain skills for destroying hives. You can use skill points to upgrade various abilities. When you drop an ammo box, you get ammo for yourself as well. Same with explosives and other bonuses. First skill (class) only affects your own player, not the entire team, so upgrade it last.

      5. Earning money. You earn money for killing enemies, assist kills and by finding it in boxes or garbage.

      6. Spending money. You spend money on 3-4-5-6 buttons (up-down-left-right, ammo boxes, IMS, turret, support boxes) and stuff like traps and guns.


      Feel free to add any tips or tricks or make your own input.

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          Re: Extinction - basics you need to know

          Things to remember:

          When helicopter flies in and starts shooting, its a good idea to help it. The longer you take to kill a hive, the stronger the monsters will become. You can reach end-game monsters at Hive 8, like my team did just now. Like 4-5 invincible monsters from all directions pop up and they don't take any damage at all... unkillable. By the time you kill one, there are at least 3 more on the field.


          Failing challenges is a good way to screw up your team and make sure you never win. Especially those at the beginning. I played with several teams that do the following:

          Challenge says "use only melee" and the first thing they do is shoot a bullet, THEN they use melee. If I see such a player, I leave immediately (if prior warning about challenges was made). I tried to tell them, I tried to do more than 1 challenge with them, they just don't care. They think their gun's biggest, their muscle - strongest and, well, we'd lose before we make much progress anyways. Its a team game, don't screw your teammates.

          If you just like running around shooting stuff, go play multiplayer. Seriously. Extinction is a 4-player CO-OP game, teamwork matters more than the amount of bugs you kill. Statistic isn't saved. Wanna run around and shoot something - pick a multiplayer/single player game, don't screw public CO-OP games.


          When a "have XX% accuracy" challenge appears, its a good idea to stop shooting like crazy and use single-bullet weapons (like pistols) and aiming well before you shoot.

          Other simple challenges include:

          Kill only in melee

          Take no damage for a period of time

          Do not reload for 60 seconds (just use knife, or run away)

          Kill 25 while prone

          Kill 5 in melee

          Find and kill this monster in 30 seconds

          Kill this monster in melee (shoot a few bullets and finish off with a knife)


          Melee means knife means pressing E button when enemy is near. Most likely, more than once.


          Going prone means lying on the ground (default button: CTRL, or look into your settings as it may be different).


          Keep an eye what everyone upgrades (armor, bullets, explosives, bonuses ect). So that you don't spend skill points on the same thing. Not sure? Ask! Players don't bite, unlike bugs from Alient Swarm (oh did I just open the big secret here?)


          Try to win challenges, as its the only most important thing you absolutely need. You'll never have enough to upgrade all skills.


          Never fail challenges. Funny how simple this is and how many people actually ignore this point. They just don't care! If you don't care, don't play Co-Op mode! Play free-for-all multiplayer!


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            Re: Extinction - basics you need to know

            Thanks for putting this on here. I didn't notice the challenges at first and of course "fired a shot". Do you think the other players were nice about it? NO, they were ********. How can people get better at games if other people don't help out?

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              Re: Extinction - basics you need to know

              You won't believe how glory-seeking some people are. I enjoy playing as engineer, so I had that up when I went into a lobby. When it loaded, all three others were also engineers. Like me, they probably figured they would play it cushy, setting the traps, protecting the drill, always having  bit of extra cash. After a few seconds none of us changed to I switched my class to medic. I was expecting at least one of them to switch to a wep spec of another medic or something, but they all started readying up. None of these three people were willing to swap classes. I don't understand people who do this. The entire point of online extinction is that you need to use teamwork to get your entire team out. What are these people expecting to happen? That the other three will carry them to the nuke and back?


              Let my ******** be a lesson to you: no matter how good you are in single player, the only thing that guarantees success in co-op is teamwork.


              Also, have at least one person in your team max out their death machine before the second barrier hive (before the first if they can spare the points) 

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                Re: Extinction - basics you need to know

                when you came to hive put propane tanks to it. actually you'll see it places doesn't throws. it's gotta be 1 before every explosion. after that you all gotta shoot with fire bullets till it blows.

                you'll see how fast this tactic gets it done.

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