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    Infected Idea

      I have talked to quite a few people and most seem to agree with me on how to make the "Infected" game type even better. I think that everything is great and when there is only 1 person remaining I think that there should still be a radar, but I think that each infected killed during this time should not be able to respawn. This would allow the final survivor to not only avoid having to survive for 2 minutes with a constant wave of infected, but it would also create awesome wins and crazy finishes. It would be much easier to whittle down your enemies than to face all 16 for two straight minutes.

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          So you honestly think people will be willing to just sit in the lobby and watch the action unfold for what could potentially be several minutes?

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            That is a great idea in my opinion, however, with someone backed into a corner with an MSBS against 15 infected will not only result in a boring killcam, but an almost instant win. It is just somebody mowing down 16 defenseless people. What about the guy who is being corner / room blocked by a zombie to ensure a win? That is a ridiculous way to win. Also, let's say the last person alive never used their I.E.D or the 2 C4 that they were given. There is an easy 1 - 5 multi-kill for each device if done properly since the infected will mob on the last person. I would much rather have a 2 minute chance to kill someone that has no obvious skill or just wants to get a KEM. It makes sense but it is not very plausible.

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                Then theres the 2 smart arses in the maps with a terminal doorway player 1 is infected & Sits there blockin the doorway so his m8 can win,thas an unfair advantage buts ISNT cheating? (according to the community who have repped players for this) course its not like any of these come wiv a manual now is it !

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                no, it'll ruin the fun like the king when you killing all the infected

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                    Infected is fine as it is, though I like MSBS matches more than the shotgun.    

                    The DLC maps should all be supported and usable for public Infected matches. 


                    Infected and Safeguard are my favorite modes.     Play them at least 6 hours every day.

                    Infected feels like an epic 11 players co-op survival horror.