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        Well the Hawks D and Lynch won the game for them. Brees got some passing yards late in the 2nd half, one 52 yard pass that was in the hands of a Hawk defender and popped up into a Saints players hand outside of that they completely contained Brees and anytime the Saints did get in scoring position the Hawks D shut them down.


        Lynch ran really well but Wilson was inconsistent again but it was very wet and windy. However we need Wilson to play better if we are going to advance and win the Super Bowl. Very happy that they won and that the team is built to play in bad weather.

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          Interesting two days of playoff games. Thought the niner-Carolina game was going to be close but niners made some good adjustments in the second half to shut the Panthers down. The Broncos looked like they would win it easy but the Chargers came back hard in the 4th and would have had a chance to tie it but just bad D on a 3rd and 17 to let the Broncos run out the clock.


          Not too often you see the very best four teams make it to the Championship round but it has happened this year. Very glad the Hawks have the evil niners in Seattle but it is going to be a dog fight and Wilson is going to have to play better than he has played the last several weeks.


          I have no idea how the Bronco-Patriot game is going to go. The Patriots are running the ball by committee and running it well with Blount looking like he has a new lease on life. If the Broncos cannot stop that running attack the Patriots are going to win just by keeping Peyton off the field. So it will come down to the Bronco D if they can keep that running game in check then the Broncos should win it but man both games are probably going to be very close.

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            Guess what I bought!  If you guessed anything other than peanut M&M's and Astonishing Tales #6 you'd be wrong.  What's so special about Astonishing Tales #6?  It's the very first appearance of Bobbi!  I do already have some issues in her Ka-Zar phase, I didn't find her first appearance.  But I saw it for four bucks on Amazon "new" (as new as a forty year old comic can be, I suppose) for four bucks and snapped it up.  Can't wait to get it!  It's a hell of a lot cheaper than it would be to get Clint's first appearance, I'm sure, haha.


            @Rogue - You would think it would have to be a different style of Spidey cartoon though, otherwise what's the point?  Maybe it'll be less of a Spidey and friends show?  Though I'm sure you're hoping for a different writing crew.  I wonder if Avengers Assemble will get cancelled.  It feels like they should've aired more than 15 episodes by now, though maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part to get a new Avengers cartoon with a different writing team than the Men of Action.  It just feels like there should be a bit more episodes by now, ya know?


            @Iron - I really liked the Bobbi stuck with the Skrulls plot.  The New Avengers: Reunion mini showed Bobbi to be so damn awesome, spending years stuck on the Skrull planet surviving by her wits as they tried to hunt her down and having to fight back against their mental games of the Skrull-Hawkeye taunting her and the fake WCA compound.  Bobbi's spy skills were put to the test and she survived, even if it left her a bit damaged by the ordeal.  I can't remember if you've read that mini series yet, but you should definitely check it out if you haven't.


            Congrats on your Sehawks making it to the finals!  I think you guys should be the 49ers, the Hawks have been the better team, but who knows how it'll play out.  You gotta feel confident after shutting down the Saints though.


            @Jad - And congrats on your Broncos win!  Should be a real interesting game with the Pats.  The Broncos D has looked weak, but they have a quick strike offense.  It could come down to whoever has the ball last.

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              Hawk all I knew is that Bobbi was gone for several years had no idea they did a mini series about it that sounds really good. I don't think my store carries it but I will see if it is at the comic store, sound like something I would like.


              The Hawks-niner game is really interesting because I don't think most people on the east coast understood that it has become the best rivalry game in the NFL, over the last two years. The teams have the best defenses in the league, play in the same division, have a great running game, impressive young QB's and the they really, really don't like each other and the coaches despise each other. Really in the NFC there could be no more fitting end then these two teams determining which one is the best. Even with home field advantage, and century link field is a real home field advantage, it should be a great game. Over the last two years the teams are 2-2 against each other, each team winning at home and have won the division the last two years. The level of skill and the level of dislike the two teams have for each other makes this a fantastic game. Now I am sure the Manning-Brady thing will get a lot of hype and of course the Patriots are on the east coast and incredibly popular all over the country, that is what happens when you win 3 super bowls and have gone to 5 super bowls in the last ten years or so, but the difference is that one game is two great teams playing each other that have no real history or rivalry and another great game where the two teams just hate each other. Both games should be great but for pure intensity and physical, brutal confrontation the Hawk-niner game is going to be awesome. The refs better be really, really good to keep the game in control. Anyway pretty unusual for the top four teams to make it all the way to the championship games, should be an amazing Sunday of football.

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                Well there aren't really any surprises in the last four NFL teams standing.  I thought the Broncos D looked really good for 3 quarters (or SD just played bad....probably a combination of both).  Unfortuantely they lost Chris Harris to injury late the in 3rd and SD took advantage of that in the 4th by targeting Jammer and starting a little comeback.  The offense was fine, but I think the score could have been a lot further apart if there were a few less dropped passes (that interception to end the 1st half in the end zone was somewhat catchable, although good D by SD and lucky placement on the guy who grabbed the ball)  and a couple other missed scoring opportunities (missed FG, kickoff return TD called back for penalty).  They did come up big on some 3rd and long plays at the end to keep the ball and run out the clock, which was much better than last year!  It's always good to see Rivers out there throwing tantrums too!  Next week will be quite tough, but I'm glad NE has to play in Denver this time.  I'm sure it will be a close game.


                Seattle vs SF should be a tough game as well.  Good luck to your Hawks, Iron!  Although if Denver makes the SB I'm not sure who I'd rather have them play......

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                  Jad whichever teams advance to the super bowl it will be a great game!! Congrats on your Broncos and I'm sure Peyton is happy to have a playoff win, lol, the poor guy takes a lot of heat about his playoff record for someone who has won a super bowl.

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                    Some pretty good football games this weekend!  It was cool to see both your teams win, though I really wanted the Panthers to beat the 49ers.  A Panthers-Seahawks game could've been fun with how good both their defenses are.  I really wanna see a Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl here, partially because they're both fun teams to watch and partially because I wanna see how Jad or Iron gloats when his team wins. 


                    @Hawk: I was gonna guess regular M&Ms and Astonishing Tales #6... Is that close enough?  That's pretty cool, though.  Bobbi was almost like a totally different character back in those days.  Though I guess that's kinda true of just about any Marvel superhero now. 


                    Yeah, I could see them doing one show that's about team-ups, while the other is more a solo show, kinda like how the comics are setup.  I'd rather just have one good show instead of two bad ones, though.  Get Greg Weisman back writing Spidey cartoons!  Though he's doing a cool Star Wars cartoon along with Dave Filoni, the head of the old Clone Wars show (and he also did some work on Avatar: The Last Airbender, to just connect all my favorite shows!).  That is weird that there's only been 15 episodes, though I honestly haven't paid any attention to the show in a while.  It's just not very good. 

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                      @Iron - If your comic store doesn't have it you should check Amazon.  You could probably pick up for six bucks or so.


                      @Rogue - I'll give you partial credit, but you'll need to try harder next time.


                      I'll check the wikipedia page on Avengers Assemble now and then to see what episodes have been coming out and if anything sounds particularly interesting or any cool Avenger guest stars.  None of the summaries have been catching my eye though and no Hank, Jan, Bobbi, Panther, Shulkie, Carol, Wanda, etc.  I keep checking in though to make sure I didn't miss out on anything, haha.

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                        Well Rogue I hope you are right and Jad and I get to cheer for our respective teams in the super bow. Then I get to gloat as the Hawks win, lol. At least I hope that is how it turns out, not quite sure what I would if the Hawks win, probably completely spaz out, lol.

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                          @Hawk: Sounds like it isn't getting any better then, which isn't too surprising.  They really need to get rid of Loeb and get some good writers in there.  Of course, if the shows are getting good ratings, I guess they don't care too much.  Do you know if the ratings for the Marvel cartoons are any good?


                          @Iron: Or maybe they'll both lose this week, so both you and Jad will have to go visit a football therapist together to get over your losses.