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        50. Re: Why do people HACK?

        I do agree with you one this:


        It is hard to comb through the game and ban all cheaters/exploiters.  Even with people reporting them, they are only flagged after they receive X amounts of reports on them before anything will happen.




        It is not - well should not be - hard to comb through the top of the leader boards and investigate those who have positions that are way out of line with the time played or number of matches.  But having said, can we be sure that is not happening at all?  not sure...

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          51. Re: Why do people HACK?

          What an idiotic response....

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            52. Re: Why do people HACK?

            Well first of all they dont review a report until MANY people randomly report that person. Blame that new (stupid) policy on people that get killed and automatically assume they had to cheat cause they got killed.


            Then "autoban software" doersnt work. Because a PET member in BO1 banned a player for getting 30 plants in a game because "no one can get that amount" and they found out days later they banned a person for playing legit. Thats just one known example.


            Then consider it is not that easy to write a program that hunts down certain glitches in the game to read off of their hacks on the Xbox. Again Activision has no authority to do that because A) Its not their service and B) even on a private service you have certain privacy. Only MS or Sony have the right to look thru your console. MS and Sony can never design a program to watch all the games out there for hacking flags. There are thousands of games out there. That would eat up many of MSs and Sonys servers.  Its impossible.


            If it were that easy then a decade ago MS and Sony would already have been running it.


            They didnt have any kind of anti cheat software before BO1 so consider the fact that they have ANY as a gift. And besides the fact you need to read the back of the software before you buy it. They dont HAVE to police the software if they dont want to. This isnt "Activisions Game Service" here.

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              53. Re: Why do people HACK?

              They put anti cheat on plants? That's just stupid. At least Treyarch were trying, Infinity Ward CODs are the worst for hacking. The main hacks are pretty simple:


              XP lobbies (I am pretty sure they did something about this in MW3). It is pretty easy to figure out if a player was just in an xp lobby you only need to look at the scores. The data is collected it was in Elite anyway.


              Loadout hacks should also be pretty easy. That data is stored somewhere on Activision Servers surely it can be queried.


              God modes etc, you just need to understand how they work and either prevent them from being used or identify who is using them.


              You are right though, the console makers need to be on top of it, they should be able to trust the consoles aren't hacked. I think Sony have some tricks up their sleeve, they seem to have made life quite difficult for Jailbreaking post PS3 3.55. I expect they have a real strategy for this console for if it is broken.


              I get what you say too about Activision not having to do anything about it. They don't need support either, but they do both of these things because their customers want it and its a competitive market. The issue is what they do is minimal, when you consider what they could do for little expense it is obvious they aren't doing much at all.

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                54. Re: Why do people HACK?

                Finally someone with an interesting conversation. And I dont know why you would seperate "IWs policing" with "Treyarchs policing" because policing isnt handled by the developers it handled by the parent company Activision. And both games by each company the hacks were basically the same. One wasnt "easier" than the other.


                As for hacks being detected and compared to the server. Once the game is started it no longer connects to the Activision server until after the game is done. Its easy to alter those "keys" that can pass detection at the beginning and ending of a game. Once the game is running the host machine becomes the server and can actually almost run any changes it wants if the "keys" detected come out fine. Its actually pretty easy to bypass, almost as easy as running a game on your PC and allowing your firewall not to send out certain signals to the servers.


                Plants ??? I am missing where that came from.


                And yes PSN is very lax. Hence the reason I went from the PS2 to the Xbox.


                As for them not doing much at all you can easily see what they do care about and what they dont care about. For example the leaderboards. They havent changed what they care about. They care just as much about one title just like they care about the other.

                No offense meant but just because you pick a name off the leaderboards and "stalk" them doesnt mean they arent doing there job. As I said in this thread or another if you were to take 20 people that smoked pot and reported them to the cops only a minority of them will get arrested. Doesnt mean the cops dont care.


                Honestly, take this from someone who worked in the policing of the games. I wish I could just "punch in" and instantly ban JoeDumbModder for modding the game but I couldnt. It still needs to go thru the process of all the red tape and directions they need to follow. Only now am I actually allowed to report gamers since I am no longer attached to the policing dept of MS. I still have my MS based Gamertag as well but that one is still not allowed to be used to catch gamers. I can and have used my "gaming gamertag" to report them though, but that ones status is not "employed" by Microsoft nor was it ever.  Keep forgetting this is the PS4 forum


                Well the leaderboards have been screwed up for years in COD. Once in a while they do clean them up but its rare. You also have to consider something else, if a player get banned from Xbox Live the still will stay on the leaderboards, but that happens with many games and not just COD.


                Do any of them really do a great job of policing their games. No. They only do enough to keep the monkeys from breaking out of their cages. What they do inside their cages no gaming company really cares about. Remember about 3 years ago when that video showed up of the prison inmates getting stoned and the one guy who took breast hormones ? Well stuff like that happens everyday. Only times we get irate or shocked over it is when it affects us directly. We as a society tolerate all types of criminals in the world and we dont so anything about it unless it affects us. And I mean the term criminals to mean actual crimes as well as the criminals running rampant on Xbox Live. We let it go on daily unless it shows up in our back yard.

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                  55. Re: Why do people HACK?

                  Yeah I like it too.. PM me if you want we may be getting OT.


                  Plants: You mentioned ". Because a PET member in BO1 banned a player for getting 30 plants in a game because "no one can get that amount" and they found out days later they banned a person for playing legit. Thats just one known example."


                  I have heard this about head shots before as well. That kind of band-aid type anti-cheat is always going to be flawed, with this many players and games you can't use probability as a form of anti-cheat. I saw the same thing on rapid fire. I can shoot single shot guys pretty damn quick, when they first brought in anti-rapid fire my gun would stop a lot thinking I had a modded controller. They eventually fixed it.


                  I get your point about leaderboard, and they have always been screwed up and ironically never fixed and usually hacked the same way as previous titles. I still think there are smarter ways to deal with this problem then being reactive to a huge number of reports. That's fairly primitive for a software company, a leaderboard has such a small number of variables associated to it, some kind of validation of data prior to committing it would work fairly easily.


                  Interesting perspective you must have then (Re:MS Job). One of the biggest ban offenses in Xbox was avatar modding right? surely avatar modding could have been something a sweep of the avatar database could have picked up in one foul swoop? I would believe you if you told me you had to look at each avatar first.


                  I really think Activision are gambling on this one. They are not giving it enough attention and at the end of the day it is what they are selling "an experience". The worst that experience gets the more customers they will lose. Respawn's Titanfall actually looks like it is on the right path, cloud gaming is probably the best method to combat this. COD only just got dedicated servers not sure they will be in the cloud space quick enough or see it as a necessary change because they do not prioritize Lag and Hacking high enough.


                  Shame the Xbox 1 sounds like it is crap

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                    56. Re: Why do people HACK?

                    Sending you a PM as soon as I post.

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                      57. Re: Why do people HACK?

                      Hackers need to be dealt with.

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                        58. Re: Why do people HACK?

                        I don't know if IW monitors youtube but its pretty easy to search and find out what is going on with game.  The latest one that seem to be real popular on the Ps4 is juggernaut/manic god mode.  Past few nights have been crazy with it.  I leave the lobby.  But not having a large amount of players on the Ps4 I run into them a few games down the road.  KICK a player option would be nice.

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