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    Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

      my personal preference is BO2 simply due to the fact that you was pushed to play objectively cause if you didn't you would struggle somewhat for a good score per minute and attain scorestreaks.


      Infinityward have taken a step backwards on how they've made the killstreak system because they've made it easy now for a camper to attain a killstreak and dominate you even though he isn't playing the game by the objective call me a cry baby but its just my opinion...

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          1. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

          You raise an interesting point with the scorestreaks bit, and I suppose that's why I'm not fond of most of the gametypes in this game, being that there's no incentive to win. Nobody played the objective in dom unless they're trying to get a spawn trap set up, and spawn traps in IW games are brutal. In the end it still amounted to players who could get streaks would get them anyway, while players who were capping flags and trying to win the game got a kill equivalent. Wow.


          Personally, I'm not enjoying Ghosts at the moment. The weapons are fun to use, but I'm reaching the end of my tether with some of these maps, and it wasn't a very large tether to begin with.

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            2. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

            yeah i get what you mean, and the game itself feels good the guns aint to bad but there isnt really a balance either atleast on BO2 it had some kind of balance even when it came down to the shotguns the ksg was brutal but hard to use the shotguns it this are beyond a joke assault rifles dominate this game along with the thermal sight which is just... i dont even know what to say about it some people would call me a cry baby and get used to it blah blah but to be honest ive got above a 2kd my win loss is above 3 but the game is pretty bad rewards for camping

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              3. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

              There's another point I wanted to add about the shotguns: Why are the semi-autos better than the pump-actions?

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                4. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

                Scorestreak system was BO2's only positive. Everything else was terrible, implemented poorly, and flat out failed.

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                  5. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

                  BO2 pace was better way better should i say plus the maps where diverse just like BO1 maps. Ghosts the maps are well designed and very interactive the tall grass is something so small but makes a big difference the attention to detail is great but the pace of the game and thermal snipers at the back of the map make it hard to enjoy or even get about the spawns are ridiculous i just played a game killed someone turned a corner and died as i got my specialist bonus on 11killstreak this happened within 2seconds if that its pathetic. yeah BO2 you got spawned silly places but only if someone was in your spawn on ghosts they seem completely random

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                    6. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

                    The maps were not diverse. They were all small, featured terrible spawns made worse by headglitching, easily the worst maps of the series, easily the worst DLC maps of the series. There was no sense to the spawns, and it was easy to just stand in the enemy spawn and kill players as they appeared, hello Hijacked. Everything about BO2 was a failure, except the scorestreaks.

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                      7. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

                      the maps where diverse maybe you just got beasted on... the only game type that made BO2 spawns bad was demolition

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                        8. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

                        I could spawntrap your entire 6 man team on Hijacked, by myself, playing Kill Confirmed. Stop making assumptions, just go play BO2, no one minds.

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                          9. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

                          BO2 and Ghosts are just different game play styles.... Initially cant lie I hated Ghosts as I had just really mastered BO2 and got lethal at it and enjoyed the really constant action fast pace.. So I was at first playing Ghosts in the same style and was getting inevitably slaughtered... I've slowed down learnt the maps better and as with any game if you start improving and not dieing so much it gets more fun and I'm coming round to it more and more each night... 


                          The scorestreaks for objective games WAS better in BO2 as there was genuine incentive to play the objective, less so it feels in Ghosts.


                          Anyone that tells me the spawns were bad in BO2 compared to Ghosts simply cant have played both games.... As already posted in another reply the spawns in BO2 werent that bad unless someone got in your teams spawn and BO2 certainly never led to me spawning with someone stood BEHIND me which does happen in Ghosts although I can see why sort of, its the size of the maps and as I'm rarely in a party on Ghosts the team goes in every direction and I suppose you have to spawn somewhere and if there is no real central point of your team well...


                          I personally do prefer the maps in Ghosts though, they seem very well done, detailed and more realistic in general than BO2 but I also get the need for the thermal scopes because of these maps as they are a bit more grey and dull in general and so large so maps like tremor I find I need the thermal hybrid to see people and on places like stonehaven from any distance especially if they aren't moving well without it I just wouldn't see them! But I will admit even though I need to use thermals it feels a bit like the TF in BO2 which was just the worst thing ever but there was less excuse in BO2 with the map colors etc you could pretty much always see people plus there was less camping in BO2 so with people moving you spot them.


                          Just my opinion of course..!

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