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    Leave now with at least a little dignity.

      Infinity Ward you have had your day as a Call of Duty developer please just stop now as you are not even ahead anymore.


      You are simply ruining the franchise which in turn is going to hurt the sales for the next installment. Your previous game to this which was MW3 was absolute dire I sold it within a week and went back to Black ops like many many people did.


      I did not think you could make a worse game but Ghosts just takes the Number one spot from MW3 for the worst COD ever by miles.


      If I could insert Black ops 2 in to my PS4 I would be back on that straight away but I can not so I will have to wait for Treyarchs next one. It seems like a recurring cycle with your COD games I have to wait 2 years a time to get a good one and miss out playing because you make rubbish CODS.


      Treyarch should be given the sole developer rights and only develop a COD every 2 years or better yet every 3. This way they can keep it fresh with new maps fix bugs and put more time in to the next game.


      Infinity Ward R.I.P