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      Oooh, a contentious issue.  Camping is part of CoD, basically falling into 2 'camps' - the camper who holds a strategic position in an objective-based game such as domination (it is always amusing to be called a camper when you are merely protecting a flag); and then the Camper who sits in an obscure corner catching out the occasional unsuspecting player but doing nothing to endanger their k/d.


      I don't mind camping, after all, everyone does it to some degree (to reload, heal, have a breather, etc), and it is a challenge to root them out of their nooks and crannies.


      The point of this post, however, may be instructional to some of the 'noobs', but I am sure it will strike a cord with a few people.


      To the camper/Camper:- In all of the respawn game modes, if you find a cunning spot from which to kill another player don't stay there.  The smart player you just killed (most of us) will quickly check the killcam and see where you were sitting then go there and kill you right back.  I have got that return kill so many times, usually with a 'nade but often by sneaking up to them and knifing them (both are quite satisfying).


      You may get away with it more in the hardcore modes but the lesson for core modes:  take your couple of easy kills and then rotate to a different spot because someone is coming for revenge. 


      Note: the above doesn't necessarily apply to the skilled sniper (usually) who will find a good spot and be able to protect themself from return attack - more of a challenge but sometimes worth the effort to get at.


      Another tactic, especially against the Camper who has found an obscure point is to tell your team when you go down and then avoid that area - we have done that often and simply wiped out the rest of the Campers team to win (let Mr Campy sit in their corner with their 1 kill).


      Anyway, what do you think?

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          I think with PS4 and Ghosts both being entirely new....there are loads of people who have never played on a console before or a FPS and it is natural for them to just sit in a corner and do nothing.  They aren't accustomed to the natural flow of the game, that us experienced FPS players pick up right away, no matter what console we hop on.  They probably tried to run and gun...figured out it didn't work for them...and so corner camping is the way they "think" the game is to be played.   Even if the maps were smaller, I guarantee you would still see corner campers....again...because it's a new gen console and new game, that new gamers are trying out for the first time.


          And yes, watching the kill cam works most times.  I will admit that the above I wrote...does not pertain to everyone.  I've seen corner campers who KNOW what they are doing and are good at it.  They kill you in one corner, then move to another great "unsuspecting" corner...continuously...with their IED, etc.  Those are the players that infuriate the F(*&)$#W*(% out of me.  It takes very little skill to play that way (I know because I've tried it out and it was easy) and those are the KD boosters everyone gripes about.

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            i think, this game in general is camper friendly, the maps are way too big and most of the time people camp because they don't want to run around the big maps. I think it ruins the game, when you face a full party on domination, and they capture 2 points it's basically impossible to make a comeback, most of the time after they got two points they just camp everywhere for kills. That's just my opinion,

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              I recently started using the Amplify perk (which I love) and I can hear when someone is coming. When I do, I'll often duck behind something and wait for them. When they run by, I shoot. Doesn't always work, but it works a lot. I do get accused of camping when I do this, and that's fine, I don't care.


              Just keep in mind that sometimes what appears to be camping may not be. Sometimes it is, but not all the time.


              By the way, campers don't bother me at all. Just another play style to deal with. No biggy.

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                  I agree totally with you.  The amplify perk is awesome and it is funny how often you get called a camper simply for shooting someone in the back, whether because you spawn behind them, let them run past you, or hunt them down.


                  My post isn't complaining about camping (in either of the forms I mention), just pointing out what I have found

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                  Yeah, I always get called a camper in S&R. I can't protect the bomb on the other side of the map.


                  Only true camper is the one that sits in the spot (or tries to mwahaha) for the whole match.

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                    Thanks for a thoughtful post on strategic positioning aka camping - usually by whiners who can't figure out how to counter the shooting position. The game provides a number of tools anyone can employ in their classes to take care of those shooters.  The number one tool should be the one between your ears.  But it is easier for some to just complain and cry than it is to think about where the camper is and how to take out the threat that he/she presents.  What I think we can all agree on is the frustration presented by the re-spawn issues that plague Ghosts. However, that too has been an issue with shooters since Ghost Recon days, and even before that. These games are military/police based shooter games are they not? When you take the time to think that it is a shooting game, and remember that the real threat to military/police personnel has always been not so much the shooter (or threat) that they can see, it is the one that they cannot see.  In games, you get a second chance to intelligently overcome the threat. So, for all those who do; shut up, quit complaining about camping and think for a change..

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                      i think you should search......the topics.we all have had a reply to a camping/corner sitter douche bag of a player that maybe does it to earn a support streak (lol). BO2 did it well with the UAV if you dont move you will be detected. in Ghosts it can be frustrating when it happens  

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                        I just hate it when people call a good sniper a bad camper. Another thing to consider is that not all of these maps were designed with TDM solely in mind and when I played them on infected or other game modes where camping isn't an issue they were actually quite entertaining. One thing that does frustrate me is that some people will call you a camper and scream like mad during kill cams regardless of your gameplay. I mean hey if they're going to run up the same path and right in front of me every 5 seconds why would I leave cover so they can shoot me in the back?

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                          This has always been a sore subject among many players, but I find the ones who complain the most are the ones who think you can just go full blast and get on a killing spree. This game by far is not a campers dream, or hangout. If you feel it is then you just are blind to how maps work, and what to equip with. I play all styles, and it depends on the action that's taking place within each game on what I do. This game in my opinion just does not justify a run and gunners type game format from previous editions, where you could just go oblivious around a map. Nothing wrong with some strategic play if you ask me.


                          If a particular game has a feast of aimless runners I will camp and move, get my kills and wait in another spot for them. If there are tandem team mates working together, then I need to flank and move accordingly. When players start to use their intellect when playing then they will see that camping is just another game style and can be fun to do, and fun to combat against.


                          The only gripe I have is players who take advantage of the game and exploit it. Cheaters rank lowest to any playing style !