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        50. Re: So i went back to Black Ops 2

        They need to stop making call of duty's? If it wasn't for infinity ward you wouldn't even be here on this forum..they began call of duty and made it the global sensation it is today with COD 4 Modern Warfare. Oh and last year a worker at sledgehammer games let slip in his LinkedIn profile he was "responsible for real photo visual effects for the next Modern-Warfare title" And now sledghammer games are hiring, they have at least 10 job ads up. They weren't involved with ghosts like they were with MW3 so they have been well into developing their own call of duty for quite some time. And besides BO2 was crap. Worst lag ever, and the game got incredibly boring to, tranzit was a huge letdown and the campaign wasn't great either. Ghost's campaign is 100x better, the multiplayer is far more balanced in terms of guns and map size ( some large, some medium, some small) less lag, better modes. Extinction is better designed than zombies as you have to work as a team to win or you'll die, in BO2 you don't have to help your team, you can just troll them like throwing frag grenades to stop the mystery box and the bus, shooting leroy not helping your team and much more, if you don't help deploy ammo, turrets protect the drill and person repairing it you won't get anywhere..the aliens will simply overpower you. Squads is just a bonus so that doesn't have anything to rival but extremely unique, fun and hectic. Call of duty ghosts is one of the best cod's in my opinion. Infinity ward listen to the community, they have brought new gun loadouts in infected, brought s&d back, made smaller maps for DLC 1, they are even working on patches involving the much complained spawns and for treyarch? The spawns, lag were never fixed.

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          51. Re: So i went back to Black Ops 2

          honestly i have no idea what is going on with ghost, i get killed before i can ads most of the time and then there is the run round a corner then fall over dead wtf ?. On ps3 i could put up with it because its free but ps4 im paying for my online service so i expect more. Dont get me wrong i love cod and have played it since cod 4, but the way things stand now with ghost i might as well play it for free on my ps3 the connections are just as good as i get on ps4.

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            52. Re: So i went back to Black Ops 2

            You are paying the PSN to play online... not Activision.


            Although I know what you mean (stings a bit more because we are paying to drop dead from "1 bullet" now... lol).

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              53. Re: So i went back to Black Ops 2

              Yeah, I agree. BO2 was, for me, the worse COD to date. I like Ghosts much better. In fact, after each installment of COD, Ghosts is the one that I like the best so far.

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                54. Re: So i went back to Black Ops 2

                I wasn't saying I loved Black ops 2 before ghosts came out. But now that Ghosts is out I am seriously considering going back to black ops 2. Ghosts imbalance and reward system is completely screwed. You don't even get rewarded for capturing a base unless you're the first one on it. Infinity ward's game is the same old BS where Kills are the only thing that matters, no one plays the objective because they're not rewarded for it. I can play in a Black Ops 2 public lobby without a party and still dominate the game. I play Ghosts without a party and since no one plays the objective I lose every damn game. Every. Single. One. It's like I'm playing with monkeys.

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