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    I have an idea for Zombies...


      What if you were to make Black Ops 3 or maybe make some DLC for Black Ops 2, to where you have this weapon called The Nullifier. What it does is basically it has one shot. But it will revive a zombie to becoming human again, and this can only be done once per 10 or 15 rounds, from which it was used. Your new partner will then have a pack-a-punched weapon, (does not have to be powerful or a good weapon). If you can help him get through 10 rounds after he has been revived from the dead. You cannot let him die, you will then get a huge chunk of gamerscore. Your partner will have perks, but what perks will not be known. I mean this might make a fun zombies game. It is a thought an idea, you don't have to follow it, but I asked some of my friends and they said they would like that in the game.