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    (PS3) Chat for all Black Ops II players / Clan looking for 2KD+

      Hey guys, we are looking for people to have at our website chat, this way you can add other people and get to know them better.

      It is an INSTANT TEXT CHATROOM. You can change your name and choose an avatar from the list in the chat.


      If you do NOT meet our requirements, BUT come to our website, there is a BIG chance you will be allowed in the clan. We prefer to play with people who are not ALL about COD. Talk about your life, girls, and if you want, ask to party up with us on the chat. There is ALWAYS at least 1-2 people online at times.


      We are also looking for ONLY really GOOD players.

      Dashboarding is fine, just have a good win/loss record too, not just your kill/death.

      **Note: We do NOT put the clan tag on because people back out due to 2-7KDs. We usually have a 9 man party, so if you're not with our clan, you'll be the person that has to be out because of full party. HOWEVER, if you come on the website, we WILL put favoritism on you!


      Come to our website and depending on your days gameplay, scorestreaks used, KDR & WL, i'll determine whether you'll be in the clan or just be a clan friendly!

      If you're interested in checking our KDRs, our W/L , join date or where we are in the US, check our roster at




      PSN:  xDontBackOut


      KDR: 4.32

      WL: 149

      SPM: 476

      Time Played: 1 day 2 hours



      See you guys soon!