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    Team R3D Looking for members to make a league team

      Hello! We are a new developed clan named R3D, and we are looking for players to be in our champions league team. We will make another team in the moshpit series, but for now, it's just champions.




      Atleast be DECENT we want to have an above average team atleast


      Be decently active


      Have a mic (for when we play to tell you what to do)


      Have fun! (What's the point of the game?..)








      Do you have a mic:


      How many hours can you contribute each week:


      What is your KD (doesn't really matter, just answer):


      Why do you think we should consider you for our teams:


      Can you be willing to cooperate:


      How well do you follow orders:


      If needed, what type of class do you use (ex. sniper, machine gunner, light machine gunner..)


      If you have any other questions or information, please contact me on here or on xbox (my gamertag is XXBRIANSCAL32XX) Our co-leader is NDxIrish5, he will be helping me with the applications and commands.


      Good luck and do your best!