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        I haven't caught up on the last few episodes (since the break), but I will definitely have to do so now......


        http://marvel.com/news/tv/2014/1/17/21783/the_lady_sif_set_to_drop_in_on_marvels _agents_of_shield.

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          Well Jad you are not missing that much, lol. Sif coming to the show will be fun but unless they have a great guest star every week not a lot to talk about.


          Watched the latest episode I did like the reveal of Bobby Gill since he is the Blizzard however his powers are not part of him rather with technology. At the end of the show it made Gill look like he was similar to the Iceman being able to generate cold with conscious thougt but I guess the technology that fried him is responsible for giving him his powers. The funny thing is the big reveal on Skye's past my recording went black for seven minutes so after they find the agent who had disappeared for 20 years who was going to tell them the back story on Skye it goes black and then when it comes back May is telling Coulsen to never tell Skye the truth, lol. So if you guys saw it please fill me in. All I gathered is that Shield was protecting her when she was a baby but I don't know why.


          Outside of that the episode was okay not great not terrible, some fun parts. This shows struggles at defining what it wants to be. It uses the name of Marvel but seems to be scared to really delve into that. At times it can be pretty hard hitting but then fall back into very campy humor and seems to shy away from really developing the characters it has outside of Skye and she is the one character that I just don't care about at all.

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            I'm excited to see the return of Sif!  I wonder how she'll fit into the show.  Thor has a soft spot for Earth, but what's Sif doing here now?  A follow up on Malekith's attack or something to do with the Beserker staff that we saw the group recover earlier in the season?  Maybe something entirely different, like a diplomatic mission, or something relating to Odin that I won't spoil for Jad.  Should be fun whichever way they go.

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              Totally excited to see Sif in the show for an episode.  Sif never gets that much time in the Thor movies anyway, and she shouldn't take any crazy special effects anyway.  Should be interesting to see how she interacts with the main cast, that's for sure. 

              SPOILERS for most recent episode!!!


              So, Iron, what happened was the agent told them that an entire team went to track down an object of unknown origin, and most of them died.  It turns out the object was Skye.  There's speculation that she has superpowers or something, and the agent had to go into hiding to stop people from finding him to track Skye down.  Also, the reason Skye was moved around so much as a kid was because SHIELD needed to keep her hidden. 


              On the subject of the episode, though, it was pretty good overall.  It was cool to see Blizzard get introduced, and the new origin worked pretty well.  It was interesting to see the parallels between Donnie and Fitz, though the difference is that Fitz had Simmons around instead of that sleezy kid, I guess. 


              May had a pretty cool episode, too.  It was hilarious seeing how she tried to make conversation with Coulson, talking about how she would hide in the wheel of an airplane to escape SHIELD.  I don't think that's how normal people make conversation.  It was also good to see that Coulson wants to get rid of all the secrets because that's exactly what this show needs.


              Skye's story wasn't as good, as usual.  The only good thing about it was that it looks like she might have a use on the team eventually.  I wasn't a fan of how Coulson just tells us how Skye's supposedly so emotionally strong and how it helped him and all that, though.  I mean, it's pretty lame to have him just tell this kinda stuff instead of showing it in some way. 

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                Rogue the Donnie Gill stuff was good.


                So Skye has super powers, right, to be really irritating and drag the show down that is her super power.


                Sif is really strong and fierce so no need for great effects but how they will use her or why she is on earth, who knows. Maybe she just wants to see why Thor likes it so much.

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                  So that has to be Coulsen seeing his dead self in the tank which means Coulsen is an LMD, some sort of Android or cyborg or something. I knew they wouldn't have the guts to kill Skye off and I hate how they kept saying, "I can't hack this but Skye could of", argh. Bill Paxton added some charisma but he doesn't come across as a Shield agent to me, more like a lone wolf sort of guy, but he is funny and added some much needed presence. I did like May beating the crap out of the rich guy, lol.


                  The preview for next is certainly going to have Sif, but was the red headed Asgardian supposed to be the Enchantress? If so they really missed the mark with casting. The lady was attractive but not beguiling or enchanting, she looked more like a warrior and less like a seductress of the highest level. The Enchantress is like Aphrodite beautiful beyond belief and able to make any mortal man crumble under her powers of seduction. Just didn't see that with the red head.

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                    So, I thought it was a decent episode.  There have been better ones, but it was pretty solid.  Paxton's John Garret was interesting to have along for the ride, especially since we kinda saw a different side of Ward working with his old mentor.  He was actually a little less stiff than he normally is! haha, that's not saying much, though.  I'm glad to see that they're not just leaving the Coulson thing where it was, though.  There had to be more to it than just some doctor's doing experimental procedures, so it was interesting to get more info about what really happened.  A few things really held this episode back, though. 


                    One was that whole deal about how they kept saying they needed Skye to hack stuff.  We've seriously never seen her actually do anything useful.  They keep telling us she's a great hacker, but she never actually hacks anything.  Show, don't tell, man.  It's kinda ridiculous how often they tell us how great Skye's supposed to be, but they never show it. 


                    The Simmons and Tripp story was downright awful, too.  She's busy trying to save Skye's life, and he just goes around hitting on her in a very awkward and obvious way.   I mean, no one talks the way he did in this episode.  It felt so forced and weird.  And then, to make it even worse, Garret has to tell us directly that Tripp likes her.  As if we didn't just have that pounded through our heads for the last hour. 


                    Anyway, I don't think that was Coulson in the tank.  For one thing, the dude in the tank was blue, and I don't think Coulson was blue before.  It looked to me like it was some kinda alien (Kree?  Kree are blue?) or super-powered person that they were extracting stuff from that they could use to make those drugs.  That's why the tubes ran between him and the containers with the drugs.  I didn't get a good look at exactly what it was, though. 


                    That was Lorelei, and she's Enchantress's sister.  She does some similar stuff, though, with seduction and all that. 

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                      Yeah I saw that it was Lorilei, still don't think she is pretty enough to be making men do whatever she wants, I guess Sif will have to kick her ass.


                      Rogue I agree with all your points or you agree with a lot of mine, and I guess  you are right about what Coulsen saw because I was not sure what I was seeing either but he seemed so freaked out that I thought he saw himself even though the half body did look really weird almost like the super aliens guys in Prometheus.


                      The worst thing about the episode is that Skye lived. I wonder if the network or guys writing Shield have any clue as to how their show is perceived overall. I still find myself waiting week after week for them to really step it up and make it interesting and they continue to just not get it right. It has some good elements, but they never really put it together. I am certainly going to watch it until the end of the season and then decided after that if it will be on my viewing rotation for season 2.


                      I am really looking forward to the Marvel shows they will have on Netflix, hopefully that setting and style will be really awesome.

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                        I think we all knew Skye was going to live.  You can't set up all kinds of mysteries about a character and then kill them off without answering those questions just because people don't like the character.  She can come back changed a bit from her near-death experience, though. That's what I'm hoping for, since you'd think she'd learn to stop making totally dumb decisions like the one she made now. 


                        I actually just got a Netflix account, so I'm hoping those shows will be awesome.  I got the account for the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which is only available on Netflix, but there's a lot of cool things on Netflix.  I think I'll have to keep the subscription going and watch some fun shows and movies on it. 

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                          From an entertainment perspective the Neflix streaming might be the best thing you can get, for $8 a month you get access to so many great TV shows and movies, especially TV shows. You need to check out Arrow, you really do. It is pretty intense and yeah it has its relationship angst stuff that can be somewhat irritating sometimes, but overall the character, the flashbacks to the island, their use of a lot of DC characters, villains mostly from Arrow's gallery of rogues and heroes as well, it is pretty cool. I will you tell you this the guy who plays Arrow has to get into phenomenal shape, I mean ridiculously in shape to do some of the stuff he does. Anyway check it out I was hooked from like the fist five minutes and am still loving it completely. Another great show is Supernatural that is pretty fun, creepy, scary, brooding at times, but also has a great sense of humor especially as the series goes on.


                          You are right about the Skye thing I mean I knew they wouldn't kill her as they have shot all of the shows already, but they have done such a horrible job with her character pretty much from the get to that it will be hard to course correct at this point. Maybe they can pull it off, at least I hope so. At least on the next episode we get Sif and Lorilei that should be fun.

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