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        50. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

        Thanks for the pm GE, is this hack/hacks being done on ps4?

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          51. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

          I have encountered most of these hacks during just 2ish days of gameplay. It's annoying as hell. I can understand being beaten by good, hardworking and excellently skilled players, but I hate seeing those kill cams with no recoil/when the person was invisible or other such things. It's obvious when people are using these hacks, compared to actually good players. What's worse is when they get on the mic and taunt people, saying they are terrible, when infact it's them who are so terrible that they had to implement hacks just to get an advantage.

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            52. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

            Those videos were for multiplayer GHOSTS on the Xbox 360 I'm not sure about what's going on on the PS4. Try searching for some of the words on the screen in the first video + PS4 + GHOSTS and see what that gets you.

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              53. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

              starbuckfrack wrote:


              If you believe that your Xbox 360 console or computer has experienced a DoS or DDoS attack, you should do the following:

              • Avoid the individual in the future when you use Xbox Live


              This is the funniest one and the one element that pretty much means XBL enforcement really does nothing.  I have avoided little kiddies who choose to use vulgar language and scream really loud or just plain troll in Zombies / Aliens.  I back out, avoid them and then re-roll the lobby and guess what????  Yep, there they are again.


              The very best example was the one dude that used to play Sabotage all the time in MW2.  Still to this day can't forget his GT. Not only did he still get paired up with us all the time (after everyone "avoided" him), but guess who we saw in Sabotage lobbies in MW3???  Yep our old buddy.


              It's statements like this from XBL that makes everything else they say unbelievable.

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                54. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

                Yeah I admit the SHOULD make avoid where you will NEVER get into another game with him, but it doesnt do that sadly.


                Like last night in GTA5 same thing. Go back online and there he was, at least in that game I could put a bounty on him.

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                  55. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

                  Yeah I ran into this earlier this morning with a clan of all sixties and kd out the ass.


                  As much as it sucks I find it funny. Partly because if these idiots do well enough in clan wars and get invited to a live tournament they are going to be exposed for the frauds they truly are..


                  This is what I tell them when they start talking **** when I call them out.


                  "No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone better. And if you are a cheater thinking you're good then you are fool lying to yourself."

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                    56. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

                    I was playing a modder recently and it was so subtle that he was doing it because he took deaths in the beginning of the game. If he wasn't using god mode then it was an abuse of this host-lag switch combination because he was not taking hitmarkers on me and two other players in the game. However, there was no warping across the map or frame rate lag or anything noticeable with other players. Here was my thread about that: http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200854074


                    I think the worst part about it is that he was trying to hide whatever he did. He sent a smiley face or emote to another player, and to me he just said "lag comp" in his response. he didn't even say oh well you're just bad or you're delusional...it was clear he was trying to be as shady about it as possible.

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