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        30. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

        I was in some 30-50 man clans that required 250 wins to cap. So 250 to knock them off and 250  to cap for a total of 500 wins. Problem was we had 50 members with 10 people doing everything. The higher percentage of clan members playing the better you will do. Current clan has around 70% (23 members) on constantly and we have been really  good winning the last with over 500 cp and 370 in this one. We stopped playing this one Friday because no one is making a push and second place had been over 200 points Down since Friday

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          31. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

          Activity is definitely key.  As part of our reduction in size, I've been looking at that number specifically and not just cutting those that don't play at all but also those that play so little that they don't make any difference to our wins total.  Hours played is getting to be the most important stat in the game with win percentage coming in a close second.

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            32. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

            theres plenty that can be done about it if they try something.


            just posted a boosting thread and didnt see this one oops

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              33. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

              i miss the tac, especially popping one in an enemy area and springing back up

              also on bigger maps or dropping a betty on an enemy tac lol

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                34. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                Yeah, a good tac inserter was a proper ballache to deal with, but also made for some lulz too. I loved KYR Speedy's use of it for death-chat trolling in MW3

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                  35. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                  I agree with you, my clan likes getting together and fighting each other and really going for it whether it is DOM, HCKC, BLITZ etc. etc. None of our members throw games or even boost, we just like the challenge of seeing who is better that day. As the leader of a clan, I often have members play against each other to prove who deserves promotions in the squad. Even though Ghosts only has 2 ranks besides Commander, our web site has multiple ranks starting as low as privates to the rank of 4 star generals. Not only do we play against each other to see who is better but when we play together we know we are not going to be lag switched, quick scoped or aim botted, which those 3 things makes us not want to play the game because of the cheats people do on this game, it is so dang frustrating when you get into a lobby where these things happen, and reporting these players don't do any good because Activision and Beach head studios do not do anything about it, if they did there would be safe guards in the game servers to stop these things. If they can go in and reset "cheating" clans to -666 points and ban clans from playing clan wars, why cant they implement those type of safe guards?

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                    36. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                    I agree with you on the points solution. My clan could care less about these wars. After seeing in the first 2 clan wars, clans taking a 150 + point lead in less than 5 hours and just keep gaining points though out the rest of the war, we thought that to be ridiculous and impossible to do. We decided screw these wars, we are just going to play to have fun and not worry about the wars.


                    I also agree that they should not allow points or allow the capturing of nodes during the wars if you have more that 6 members in a lobby.


                    I think they should also implement a opt in/out option to the wars, this way if your clan wants to play them than you opt in, and if they don't want to participate in the wars they can opt out. It can't be that hard to do if they can put that option in for the new Diamond division.

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                      37. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                      If you aren't actively playing in the CW then what does it matter if you are auto enlisted?  It's not like you will get some mark against your reputation if you come in last.  Perhaps some new recruits would be turned off but if they were interested in the clan wars, then they would be turned off by your lack of participation anyway.  I personally like the auto enlist because I've already lived through all of the issues that they had with sites going down, error messages and programming glitches that occurred during the manual enlist days.

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                        38. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                        Careful ,moderators will stop by and lock this forum. We aren't allowed to "name and shame" on the forums, I've personally been warned twice. We aren't allowed to bring attention to the clans doing it because the company obviously supports this. We're just supposed to take it and lose out on the rewards we're supposed to be legitimately earning.

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                          39. Re: Clan Wars Cheating

                          If they support it then why were 200 clans hit out of the last war? I saw whole clans of 50+ banned for 6 guys playing unfair. Follow Beachhead on twitter, you might just learn something.

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