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    Ps4 Platinum Division clan UsA

      Hey guys we are FatalVegas, we are a platinum clan on ps4 that plays all clan wars and do tournaments every once and awhile and the winner gets a $10 psn card.We also try our hardest to play the clan wars as best as possible and dominate the game!


      We currently have almost all clan wars patches.

      if you would like to join comment below and sent an application to FatalVegas on the callofduty app


      About the clan:

      • Clan lvl 13
      • 1.01 clan k/d
      • 57% w/d
      • 7 active members who kick ass
      • active daily
      • body count camo
      • Gold Clan tag

      Clan Requirements

      • k/d above .90 or close to .90
      • 15 yrs old and up
      • mic preferred
      • must have ps4

      To apply send EL_MITCH a message that u apply so he accepts u or danielsib and they will accept u