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    Why is everyone so Scared?

      Ok I get that many people like to camp but this has just gotten ridiculous.  The last few games of FFA I have tried to play there are 8 other people hiding in corners with i.e.d.'s everywhere.  Now I do support tactical camping.  By that i mean you are overwatching an area.  I just can't wrap my mind around a corner camper watching only his little field of view.  I cannot figure how it is fun.  It has gotten to the point that i wont even play FFA anymore.  Cannot move 3 foot with out an i.e.d. going off.  Same thing today on domination.  Half my team is camping and all there team was.  They held one point the whole game.  Last minute of the match nobody died!  ITS JUST A FRIGGIN GAME PEOPLE, THE STATS DONT MATTER!.  Now i know this does not apply the Glorious Warriors of the forum but i just cant figure why they set and hide.  And before anyone says anything I am aware that the purchased the game and can play how they want.  All i am saying is i just dont get it.