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    Riot Shield @ C4 combo

      this has come to my attention that every time i go to either S&R or S&D i always come across a team or a few player's using the Riot shield and C4 combo and to me this is unfair only due to the fact that they must hide behind something that you cant shoot and whey you try to get close boom dead no reaction time and when they run out of C4 they get close and next thing you know sprayed by akimbo pistols and i am not the only one that this combo effect's it has also crossed over to domination so this kinda does not make me want to play any game mode. So Please fix this

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          dont shoot at the shield simple solution..

          I use this set up and die its not unbeatable ...number of times i've seen people face me see the shield and run off though shesh..

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            I am not a fan of the riot shield/C4 combo, but I don't see it as too much of an annoyance. They are easily outsmarted if your team is working well together. The good news is 90% of people who use this class don't actually know how to use it... so they go down pretty easily.


            Don't rush them. They WILL run out of C4.

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              Don't play search then. In domination it's not really a big deal. You have multiple lives and with a night owl they will get destroyed.

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                i used this set up in MW2 pretty fun although it was slightly harder you couldn't throw the c4 as fast or as far as in Ghosts, but just put on blast shield and carry sum c4 ur self, but i agree it can be annoying, Radar should probably nerfed or taking off. 

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                  There is always a counter to anything in this game and team work is the best counter of all. But I suggest you run Blast shield, Off the grid, and dead silence on a class for starters. Always have a couple different classes to go to depending on which mode your playing. You might die a couple of times but it shouldn't be an issue after that. Another option is to beat the shield guy at his own game…set up a similar class. Granted..it's annoying to play against people that do this..but they are beatable.

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                    Running into a solo Riot/C4 guy is nothing. However, running into two or more with a couple protectors behind them is something totally different. Especially in a game mode like search and rescue...


                    Those who say " use blast shield" - no. These guys run danger close which nullifies blast shield. 2x C4 and the kastet along with danger close = pure melty cheese... S&R is really bad because if by chance you kill them, the protectors grab the tag. they respawn with a full supply of booms again... I did what someone else suggested - I quit playing search. It's a nonissue in other game modes...


                    If there is a setup that causes people to quit playing a certain game mode - it should be looked into and adjusted...

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                      Use a Chainsaw with Noob-Tubes or any other gun, and have a Kastet as your secondary.

                      Then have a 9-Bang with your perks being Danger Close, Slight of Hand, and Reflex.


                      Flash bang them from a distance and then just noob tube them.


                                     Problem Solved

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                          As mentioned I stay away form S&R/SD now because of this BS, and don't normally have any issues with these clowns in other modes. That is except B- DOM on Whiteout...


                          I normally run a fast class but have to carry this class in my back pocket just in case...


                          M27 (Plenty of rounds to shoot at their feet)

                          Silencer, AP rounds (mofo's love putting IMSs on B)




                          Thermobaric x2


                          Reflex,Amplify,Extra Tac, Danger Close


                          I hate running this class because it takes away from what I like to do, and the fact that I have to fight cheese with cheese. I do however enjoy making Colby, Sharp, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Pepper Jack rage