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    COD Ghost Taken Over By Hackers???

      I know there has been tons of posts on this subject, but this is insane.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I mean seriously this game has to be the worst with hackers!!! We might find (1) good lobby out of (5).  It's ridiculous.  We are now (3) months into this game and everyday the hackers and cheaters grow. The worst part is...these hackers and cheaters just throw it out there, they make it known they are hackers.  They have clan tags with MOD, their name has hacker in it, they change their PSN ID in the lobby and tell you go ahead report me.  They don't care because the powers that be obviously don't care. Reporting them does not work.  I called in to report someone on my friends list who had hacked his account and you know what?!?!?!?!  He's still playing everyday!!! I expect this sort of experience if I go back and put in a previous COD title, but not on a new game!!! I mean come on start with the darn leader boards...many of them are right there ban their accounts!!!  I am completely disgusted with the lack of care and attention that they putting into handling these hackers/cheaters.