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    Shield riot vs health player


      If anyone shot you, your screen emulates blood and turn in red, depending of damage received. OK. If you have a shield, and anyone shot you, your shield is damaged and you can not see throught it. OK


      But after a time (depending of game mode, perks, etc), you screen clears but your shield not. I think that this is an adventage for people that do not use shield against people use it.


      Some people says that you can not repair it in a combat, but i answered them that if you can health you waiting, hospitals would be empty for evers. I think that situation is not well balanced among use shields and no use shields.


      Any solution?


      And another thing, if you try to attack anyone with your shield and when your are in front of him, he target you, his weapon cross your shield killing you easly. is it collisions bad configurated?

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          Swap your shield with a weapon on the floor then swap it back again - hey presto your shield is undamaged and you can see through it again.

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            I think the shield should regen the cracks. It is just annoying and makes a bad weapon even worse.


            and LOL @ "full frontal protection." That is complete BS.

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              I think the shield should have the option to repair itself, not entirely but some, atleast to allow visibility because what the OP states is more or less true: Why do players get the chance to "clear" their blood yet the shield cannot.

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                  personally I think the shield should break after X amount of dmg dealt into it like an entire LMG clip should atleast break the shield completely and it fall apart... its an option of use your not ment to run and gun and rush a shield like an ar. your ment to support your team like objectives and clearing building with campers if you get a kill here in there cool but its not ment to play hero.... lol shield repair that's like body armor repairing you already got protection advantage from your health now you want to regenerate the screen... go away surprised you just don't ask for shield plant like bo 2 and corner position n head glitch off it... play like support squad mate and protect others run with a group for objectives or get a friend run explosive dmg and c4s and protect each other rack some kills pick dead players guns up and carry an advantage of not dying as quickly from being shot in the back

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                  I generally consider people who run around with nothing but a riot shield total chickens anyway so I couldnt care less how unbalanced things are against them.That just means that a few more idiots will realize to equip a real weapon and not a shield.

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                      I posted that comment and almost immediately everyone on my opposing team (4 people, doing team tactical) decided to walk around crouched with nothing but a riot shield and c4

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                        lol sadly though the problem is riot shields isnt unbalanced they actually are very OP and very deadly in the right hands the problem here is these people want them to be OP solo play which they aren't...  granted a very skilled riot shielder can do some dmg they just aren't strong by themselves to run a entire match you need a team built around you or run with your team built around them...


                        I ran into last clan wars 2-3 which by far I never thought id see a game ran down by shield users but for thoughs of you who want to run lemme give their setups you can try out for one stay off the bigger maps cause your just left to open for flanking for two run support and run with a friend who also is running shields I met a 3kd 4kd duo insanely good they both ran squadmates nightowl vest odin ammo crate in dom found them again later in a blitz match guess one swapped ammo crate for recon


                        they were insanely good players  esp at blocking out almost all dmg from any direction protecting each other  while the other c4 or head glitch shot very well synced teamwork  standard c4 shield run play I think they also had gren launchers secondary or picked them up idk they ran scramblers on shields they where moderately challenging in the beginning once they got their streaks they saved it called the odin first for the ai recon and smokescreen covers over  then when it was over they both hit the squads the nightowl the vest ammo crate then they pushed forward and kept regrouping with the AIs and used them as walking head glitchs guns from the crates guns from dead players they ran freight back and forth trip capped eventually the other players on the team just fell into the shield group so it ended being 3 ai meat shielders 4 gunners 2 shield swap high accuracy high kd shielders .....spawn on C c4 flys from no where  bam trip kills dbls straight off spawns   I left the game im sure they won they stopped dying once all the streaks came out wouldn't be surprised if one ended up getting a KEM saddest part of all everyone else on the team was a clan runnin low 2kds everyone on their team was under one they up and literally carried a horrible team 


                        in my opinion cause I never seen a game ran like that before a shield user paired with 1-2 others on a small map and the right streaks is a very deadly combo to run into... I salute anyone who only runs shield and is pushing over a 2-3 kd you got something in common most don't you know how to survive & be an extremely annoying obstacle to get past