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    Best Multiplayer Game Mode for Prestiging Fast

      Hi everyone,


      If you're like me, you're wondering how when you bought Ghosts a week after it was released, there were already players approaching max prestige on multiplayer.  Probably a lot of time, lots of red bull, little sleep, and they're just plain dirty at scoring high.  With about 4 days worth of play time, I'm onIy prestige level 3.  I'm not terrible (1.45 k/d) unless I get thrown in a lobby against a party with all members > 2.0 k/d, which happens more than I'd like. 


      So I wanted to prestige faster and browsed through the forums, a blog or two, and a youtube video.  The general recommendations were to play Cranked, kill confirmed, S&D, or S&R.  I tried each game type, but I couldn't really decide which was the best.  Unlike COD games in the past, Ghosts doesn't calculate the score per minute for you.  Score per minute is what you want to look at if you are trying to prestige faster. 


      So being on break from college with a little extra time, I made an excel spreadsheet that would calculate score per minute for me.  I played every single game mode including the hardcore modes at least ten times and calculated the average score/min.  This was the preliminary.  Cranked & Domination were the top two; followed by TDM & then FFA. 


      S&D and S&R weren't even close.  Here's why.  In these two game modes you're only scoring if you're alive, there are relatively long breaks in between switching sides, and win vs. loss plays a huge role in your score.  If you are one of the best in the lobby, stay alive the whole time, get lots of kills, and are on the winning team, than your score/min will be high.  If you're on the losing team, die early, or don't get many kills than it will be extremely low (like Infection score/min low).  Ghosts doesn't provide the duration of the match after it is over so I used a timer to record duration.  I kept the timer running throughout the whole match (including the delay while switching sides).  This is the right way to calculate score/min if you are looking for the game mode that will help you prestige fast.  Perhaps others stopped the clock in between to figure a higher score/min. 


      After playing more than 200 matches, I concluded that Cranked was the number one for score/minute (however, short games and fewer people in lobbies means longer waiting in the pre-game lobby).  Domination was second (about 50 points/minute less), but longer games meant more time playing and less time waiting in the pre-game lobby. 


      Other trends that I found were that being on the winning team boosts the score/minute by 200 to 300 points!  So don't just try to go for a high k/d, actually play to win (i.e. capture the points in Domination, protect them for extra kill points).  Close quarter maps produce a higher k/d as well.  Play style plays a role.  Moving around and getting a lot of kills (even with a poor ratio) will always get you more points than remaining stagnant like a beached whale. 


      Conclusion of tips:

      1. Play Cranked or Domination
      2. Play to win (perhaps party up with others that want to win as well)

      3. Vote for smaller maps

      4. Go for high kills versus high k/d ratios


      If you want to record your own games and find out which game type is best for you, which guns work the best, or which maps work you should vote for, I've provided a URL to download the spreadsheet I created. If you have any questions on the spreadsheet, reply to this post and I'll get back to you.


      Ghosts Stats Spreadsheet.xlsx - Google Drive

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          Re: Best Multiplayer Game Mode for Prestiging Fast

          That maybe for you but it really depends on how someone plays. For instance someone who really has the concept down for DOM can rack up a bunch of points however another player might not be as successful and do poorly playing DOM. However, this same person who doesn't do well with DOM could score massive points in KC because they have the gamemode down.


          Different modes play differently. Not just in the objective but how the game moves. In Black Ops II I did much better in KC than I did in DOM because I could play the map far differently This led me to quick kills and racking up a ton of points all while ending the match far more quickly. DOM however played slower to me. The points weren't as great and the matches lasted twice as long.


          So really you just need to find you way with a mode. See which mode speaks to you more and most importantly, which mode you do well consistently. One good game of Cranked doesn't mean you'll always do that well.

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              Re: Best Multiplayer Game Mode for Prestiging Fast

              Very true ghamorra.  I'm sure players that are really good at S&D or S&R could score high/min.  My results were based on my own game play style.  I've played far more TDM than any other game mode.  Prior to recording my game stats, I only varied game type when I got bored or wanted to complete an operation.  Perhaps my affinity to playing TDM actually helped me in Domination & Cranked, but the results of over 150 matches makes it hard to argue that it all depends on the player.  If the game modes were "equal opportunity" than I should've scored highest with TDM.  TDM was an average of 150 points less per minute than Domination and about 200 less than Cranked.  I didn't play just one match of each game mode.  Each mode had more than 15 matches averaged out regardless of win/loss.


              That said, I'd be interested in seeing what other people come up with.  Hopefully more people will download my spreadsheet and use it to find their best game mode.  It really is useful. 


              Thanks for your input,



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              Re: Best Multiplayer Game Mode for Prestiging Fast

              In MW3 I would run Hardline with the Specialist Strike Package and play Kill Confirmed. Every time you get your first kill, and every first kill after respawning you earn XP for getting a kill streak.

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                Re: Best Multiplayer Game Mode for Prestiging Fast

                play dom use specialist and keep killing and going for triple caps

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                  Re: Best Multiplayer Game Mode for Prestiging Fast

                  Hey jmd11jamis, excellent job on doing some research!  This forum has been littered with too many whining posts lately, so its refreshing to see someone contributing to the community.  I have been reading for years, just haven't posted a lot and obviously lost out on a lot when they migrated to the new setup.


                  The only other suggestion I would add would be to find a clan that plays the gamemode you are good at and you prefer to play to level.  This way, you can get the extra xp during "Clan Wars".  We play a lot of S&R and Dom, and it was awesome to get the nodes and be getting an additional 20%-30% "Clan Bonus XP" per match.

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                      Re: Best Multiplayer Game Mode for Prestiging Fast

                      Tygrastic1, that's good information, thanks.  I actually haven't been playing with a clan so I don't have any information on that.  I assumed it would help out though.  To be honest, since I can't stick with a playing schedule due to college, I haven't bothered joining any clans.  Perhaps I'm wrong about assuming I need to stick with a schedule though.  How does it work?  Can there be 20+ people in a clan? Can you participate in clan wars at any time during the day?


                      I've shied away because I didn't want to commit to being online at any certain time.  Maybe I should reconsider.

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                          Re: Best Multiplayer Game Mode for Prestiging Fast

                          Honestly, this past week was the first clan wars I played in.  It went from Thursday-Monday afternoon US time.  You could play at anytime during the day or night and the wins would count for your clan.  I am in a smaller clan, around 6 of us total that play together all of the time.  It would only take about 5 total wins (1 win counts for each clan member, so in a full group of 6 of us, we could take the node after one game) to take the node.  S&R offered a 25% bonus for us, so each game yielded at least an additional 1K+ bonus xp.  On average, each prestige has taken me about a day of played time to complete.  I am sitting at roughly 15 hours of played time on this prestige and am lvl 51.


                          I have no idea when the next clan war is going on, but I would suggest finding a clan that will let you join up as a casual.  There are plenty out there that could use an additional member.

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                        Re: Best Multiplayer Game Mode for Prestiging Fast

                        Depens on what type of player you're.


                        In BO2 I had higher spm in kc and dom than regular TDM

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