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    Paying $60 to loose game after game

      I am a Call of Duty Veteran and I have been playing since Day 1 Xbox 360 Call of Duty 2.  But when Multiplayer was announced for Call of Duty 3 I was happy I enjoyed it till after Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and Call of Duty World at War. Now when Modern Warfare 2 came out I was so upset at the Multiplayer too much camping around, over used kill streaks, and a lot and I mean a lot of Camping, I also ended up started to loose most of my games no matter what game I join I always ended up being put on the loosing team and it has happened a couple times with my friends too.

      This join a game an loose with no experience is still going on till now Xbox One on Call of Duty Ghost and I am getting Tired of Paying $60 just to not have any experience to my character only my guns it's frustrating


      I know there are people out there that are having similar experiences and start bringing up topics like this in forums and other places

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          Re: Paying $60 to loose game after game

          So, you want a game with zero chance of losing? I hear the My Little Pony game is pretty good.


          But really, if you are mad about losing I see 3 options.

          1: make some friends and party up(you'll still lose if you're bad)

          2: play squads on the easiest level (see above)

          3: never compete (might be your best bet)

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            Re: Paying $60 to loose game after game

            Unlike Mr. DouchBag Jr. above, I get what you are saying!


            As a player of Call of Duty since MW1, I've noticed the fast-paced gameplay style so many enjoy is easily combated with camping & people who literally could win the games by themselves. This unbalanced power could be fixed by changing up how leveling works. Campers should not get XP at all!  If instead of getting kills to earn XP for lvls + squad points for guns it'd be better to see people leveling up a character's skills - not just equipping perks - by getting kills in certain ways, using different weapons & equipment.

            For example, If you got explosive kills, you'd earn xp towards unlocking perks relating to explosives + throwables.
            ect. ect


            Anyway, until I see them taking + using advice from the real people who've played a majority of their games, it's not even worth complaining about Its the the style of gameplay their game encourages

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              Re: Paying $60 to loose game after game

              Funny you say that, a good friend of mine (who is a beast) only played Cranked were he had a 2+ w/l. When he got bored and tried playing Domination, he went 0-16 before finally winning a match! It was so funny, he was even going to start a YT series "road to my first win". LOL. I told him to let me play w/ him so he could get the win but he was adamant on getting it by himself..

              I don't care how good or how bad you are.. 0-16 in public matches should never happen.



              Other match-making issues I've seen..

              I joined a dom in progress that was 45-0 score.. I spawned in and ran towards a flag and saw teammates run right by it, so I just left.

              I also played a full match of Cranked where I went 22-8, and my teammates went 3-17, 1-12, and 3 guys without a single kill.

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                Re: Paying $60 to loose game after game

                yah that actually to me all the time what happens to me is I jump into a lobby already loosing or the lobby has idiots just sitting around trying to quickscope people and camping in the corner not helping the team out.  Then there's the fact that you are getting spawn camped by tryhards who aren't skilled enough to be good

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