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        iivrruummii wrote:


        SMGs can/do dominate Snipers at close range.  I really don't know what you are smoking.  When skill is not a factor then quickscoping is not a factor.  It doesn't matter if a sniper is quickscoping or not the chances of him getting more kills than an SMGer at close range is very slim.  I hardly ever see quickscopers going 20+ every game in any gamemode.  Most of them go negative or barely positive.  On the truly good ones can do somewhat decent which is still no where as good as someone with an SMG or AR.

        exactly...Antiquickscopers fail so hard with their logic's.

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          Alright add 0.5 to the kill times listed maybe lag is the reason I experience these insta-deaths oh well. My point is that every other gun has a faster kill time then the sniper rifles assault rifles being the fastest. Oh and get this you hip fire with every gun except the sniper rifles so how are the snipers even overpowered? I fail to see them being overpowered maybe too easy to use but now overpowered I think they should put it back to MW2 sniping where snipers had to worry about sway and flinch and missing. Shotguns need a damage buff nothing more and the Bulldog needs less recoil while aiming down the sight. All but three SMGs need a buff while all but three Assault Rifles need a nerf. How is it a bad thing to allow snipers to aim quickly or be able to compete up close? What if I sniped someone up close would your argument be the same? Seriously what you are suggest opens the doors to Battlefield sized maps cause that's the only way snipers like that are even able to compete. Want Call of Duty to remained fast paced? Then stop complaining about quickscoping cause it was never a problem to begin with.

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            You forget that a sniper is, once again, a one shot kill weapon.  Even if a few bullets land, a quickscoper can still make that one shot matter and end the gunfight in his or her favor.


            ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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              iivrruummii wrote:


              Not relevant.

              Are you replying to the shotgun question?


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                I constantly see assault rifle users going 30 plus in this game especially when my team or the enemy team are using different guns from the assault rifles.

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                  Then add more flinch and sway to the snipers if that's the case don't make them useless up close cause if they become useless up close then the maps should get even bigger. Stop trying to aim to make snipers useless they require the most precision aim out of all the other guns if anything they need to be harder to use not nerfed in damage or speed.

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                    Derfus wrote:


                    thebiindsniper wrote:


                    ARs, SMGs, and LMGs are proficient at all ranges, but they do not excel at close/long range when compared to snipers and shotguns.


                    If a skilled SMG user were to go up against a skilled sniper at long range, the sniper will have the advantage.  If an SMG user can take a sniper out at sniper range, then the skill difference is painfully obvious since it would take a long time for that SMG user to kill at that distance.


                    ~RUGGED SAVIOR

                    Thats funny I see it the same way too. If im able to take you out in a CQC with my sniper and you have a SMG/AR/LMG, then I simply out played you. especially since you can strafe and shoot off 10 bullets from the hip before I'm able to stop raise up my scope with you directly in the middle of my nonexistent cross hairs and then hopefully hit you and get a OHK because if i do miss or get a hit marker chances are you'll win that fight. stop whining about something that has been in FPS games sine they were created.

                    From reading this post I can only assume that you have never used a LMG in CQC?


                    LMGs are the most handicapped group for CQC...


                    It's easy enough to work out which groups dominate in CQC. Just look at what the majority of Run n Gunners use...

                    Hardly anyone uses LMGs for that purpose...

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                      when I snipe I travel with spotter, my mate when he is online, he carries a honey badger, good against other snipers on the move, Im not a good quick scope shooter.

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                        i play hardcore mostly so if i do get cheapscoped theres no killcam to see it so i dont get p*ssed off anymore

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                          whats cheap about it?, its in the game, the counter to is is a riot shield

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