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        They don't need to be removed you need to learn to run. In all seriousness explain to me how something so inconsistent and it has many counters is overpowered? How is it hard to avoid? What I find funny is that I tend to die when I notice them from a distance and I have that tendency to go towards them anyways. If you don't know the counters they are Sitrep and Blast Shield and the 9-bang grenade and you can use lethals to detonate them also you have 2 seconds to back up or you can trigger them and hide behind a wall or run away. There are so many counters to IEDs in this game anyone complaining about them needs to learn how to deal with them.

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          the ied is the weakest of all the equipment theres perks to help deal with them and scorestreaks they dont even do enough damage to kill if you. they do 96 damage you start with 100 health just jump when you here it start beeping and you will most likely live. the only good way to kill with a ied is to have the danger close perk adding 50 more damage but it cost four perk points those people using them are probely just better than you and if they used the four perk slots different they will just be running and gunning you down instead of blowing you up

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            Somebody knows what's up

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              Pointless request to get rid of them because it's never going to happen, not in Ghosts anyway.

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                HEY LOOK!!!!!! Another unrealistic whiner!!!!!

                Do you really think they will completely remove IEDs just because a few of you hate them? They are fine. You can either look out for them or you can use sitrep or blastshield. No there are not more campers in ghosts. The spawns are fine. Ghosts is actually a great game if you quit looking for things to complain about in it

                I like how towards the end you just completely veered off topic.

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                  I feel kind of ambivalent about IEDs.  I probably use them too much myself; there are plenty of times when I've been killed because an enemy came out of nowhere when I was in the act of tossing an IED down.  They are very popular, it's true; and that, combined with the fact that the radar streaks in Ghosts are ground-based for the first time, makes SitRep an amazingly good perk in most situations.  I'd say that SitRep is nearly as indispensable as Focus, at least if you plan on taking the fight to the enemy.


                  I don't know if IEDs are really OP; but I do know that they're the only equipment, lethal or tactical, that I ever find it worthwhile to spend a point on.

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                    i agree remove the ieds at once and replace it with a soft comfy pillow as its way over powered or a better idea would be to man up and use sitrep or blastshield and also stop running around like a headless chicken

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                      Look I hate ieds as much as the next guy and I would have preferred claymores or bouncing bettys instead, but that didn't happen, you still have perks to counter explosive blast shield and sit rep work well.

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                        These posts only do one thing: Prove that they work!


                        Talking about them as you do, will create more AWARENESS of their effectiveness (thinking about what we say) is what needs BUFF!

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