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        10. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

        Congrats on a successful response, here's hoping something happens in the near future.

        Last Edited: Nov 27, 2013 1:54 AM
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          11. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

          Hopefully the devs did read all this and are preparing a patch to tweak Squad Mode based on all of our feedback.

          Last Edited: Dec 8, 2013 9:24 PM
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            12. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

            Indeed, especially when you play modes like SnR and cranked which hits the cap like mad easy *mostly because you can gain some serious score out of them*

            Last Edited: Dec 9, 2013 10:51 PM
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              13. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

              I certainly hope that they tweak Squad mode.  I enjoy Squads but it feels incomplete, more like a good idea that they need to develop.


              Squads and Extinction are presently the only reasons I play Ghost and I would like to see some improvements before I purchase any DLC.

              Last Edited: Dec 10, 2013 8:47 AM
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                14. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                Just learned during the IGN Extinction Day Livestream that they are adding Create A Soldier features to Extinction Mode so hopefully at the same time they will let us be able to unlock the weapon camo's and Create A Soldier skins during Squads Mode as well. 

                Last Edited: Dec 14, 2013 10:06 PM
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                  15. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                  Well there is a double xp event that just started today in celebration of the holidays and while the last one at least doubled the cap to 4000 this one does not seem to affect Squads Mode at all except making you hit the cap faster. Come on IW, we all had high hopes for Squads Mode but so far it is nothing really as good as what was advertised before the game came out.


                  We need to be able to unlock reticles, weapon camos, and character customization options in Squads Mode as well to we can better customize our squad members more. Heck it is what the mode was advertised for in the first place !!!!!

                  I can't see why they added the XP cap since you cant unlock anything without enough squad points anyways. If anything they should triple the xp limit to about 6000 permanently instead of 2000 or better yet just remove it since it wont really make much of a difference anyways.

                  Last Edited: Dec 28, 2013 12:00 AM
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                    16. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                    I agree with this, I got sick of all the mouthing in Multiplayer and people killing you for your perks or blocking you in doorways etc. it made me play COD less and less. But every COD game that had Training in it I just stuck with that, making the bots harder because they were faster lining up their shot, so I had to up my game to beat them and have my mates jump in with me either on my team or against me, found it far more fun than main stream Multiplayer. So COD Ghosts having this Squads where the AIs were smart enough to play all modes and not just Team Deathmatch peaked my interest. I loved it the second I played it. I am more of a BF3 and BF4 player myself, but I still appreciate COD and enjoy playing these types of games. I hate being forced into Multiplayer and they are definitely trying to force us into it in order to unlock any type of customization of your squad characters for one, that hacked me off and I noticed something really odd the other night that also had me loose a few choice words, when I first played Squads I played every game mode available on Multiplayer, even Search & Destroy  which wasn't my favourite but I tried them all out, and every game threw up a different mode.


                    Since the other night while playing with my m8 I noticed I could no longer select Search & Destroy, Infected or Grind as game modes for my HQ set up and none of those games came up to play, most of the time it has been constantly Team Deathmatch with a very occasional other game mode. I figured my squad just keep getting throw in to play against players squads where they have not set up their HQ game modes and maps and it has been left on the standard set up which is a little annoying, I mean I haven't got anything against Team Deathmatch but what happened to the other game modes that I was able to play when I first bought this game, have they been taken away from us or something? is this why most squads we play against are on Team Deathmatch, because the mode they were set on has been removed and forced it back to that mode instead?


                    I only twigged they were gone when I told my m8 and his son to set up their HQs so their squads played a game mode other than Team Deathmatch.


                    But anyway I have had my rant now and it is nice to know that I am not the only one who enjoys these game modes over Multiplayer, there are some games I still enjoy Multiplayer on, but this one certainly isn't one of them. So how about those in power get it through their heads that they should be catering to all game modes and not trying to push everyone into Multiplayer especially just to customize their characters for crying out loud, you don't even tell people how to unlock the items they want, all it says is play Multiplayer, you've given us this great game element in squads so stop cutting back on it and give us the same opportunities to unlock these things in Squads and give us back the extra game modes.

                    Last Edited: Dec 30, 2013 10:59 AM
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                      17. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                      I can see why they removed infected since it does not use any of your loadouts but can't see why they removed SnD and Grind. I never liked the one life gametypes so I dont really care if they are gone but Grind is an interesting take on KC that should be kept in the rotation. They can still be played in Private Matches on the Xbox Live menu with or without bots so they are still in the game just not in squads.


                      What they really need to focus on first though is removing all the limitations on squads for XP and let us earn all the camos, reticles, solder customization options, etc without having to go to the full multiplayer modes. Since leveling up is pretty much pointless I can't see why they limited the xp gain in the first place and this mode was advertised for customizing our squads so making it where we cant earn any cosmetic items is also pointless! People hate the limitations because they are so pointless so just remove them IW!!!

                      Last Edited: Dec 30, 2013 12:02 PM
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                        18. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                        Well there is another Double XP weekend coming up. Hopefully the developers raise the XP limit in Squads Mode to 4000 from 2000 as well but honestly they should just remove it entirely as well as let us earn camos and complete operations in Squads Mode as well like the game should have had at launch !

                        Last Edited: Jan 23, 2014 2:35 PM
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                          19. Re: Completing the Squads Mode Experience

                          If squad had full XP & unlocks it would be a boosters heaven because the AI is dumb sometimes. 


                          Lets face it IW needs to up the AI's smarts in Squads. I literally watched Pepper stare at a wall for a while before she realized it was a wall & moved on. It would be nice if they could record your playstyle & have your squad play like you but I know that's a whole mess of coding to do.

                          Last Edited: Jan 23, 2014 2:45 PM
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