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        60. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

        Compared to ghosts it was more difficult, BO1 was probably the most difficult which is where it should be at.

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          61. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

          no it wasn't mw2 was halfscoping all day

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            62. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

            Firesens wrote:


            A quickscope can be anything from shooting before you can even see the scope or when fully scoped in for about a second.

            No QS is shooting before it is fully scoped. That is why they changed the hipfire rules for sniping:


            • No aim assist from the hip, which was a huge part of how Quick Scoping worked in previous games. Players now have to aim unassisted until fully scoped in.
            • Hip fire reticles for Sniper Rifles were removed and hip spread was increased drastically. This reduces the effectiveness of hip firing with a Sniper Rifle.


            That's quoted from IW. In prev.CODs, simply tapping the ADS button gave you aim assist, the game didn't wait for you to be scoped in.


            Firesens wrote:


            It is extremely easy to do, especially in Ghosts.


            LOL. No, it is not EXTREMELY easy to do. Fully scoping and shooting within a split second is not as easy as scoping from RDS with an AR or hip firing with an SMG....how could you possibly even say it is EXTREMELY easy?? Miss the first shot and you got a 90% chance you're dead.


            If it was as easy as you say, everyone's preferred weapon in stats would be USR or some other sniper. I always check lobby stats out of boredom, and in all the games I've played, only a handful of people had snipers as a preferred weapon. It's always Remington, AK12, or honeybadger. That's the reality. You may be a master at sniping, but 95% of the COD community is not, I guarantee you.

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              63. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

              Quickscoping since Golden eye has worked the way I explained it, the nerf your talking about will only effect quickscoping in the sense of not pulling the scope in all the way and firing. Quickscoping is still when you quick aim and see the scope for at least 1 second and fire. And it is extremely easy to do especially on Call of Duty. Many other games have quickscoping but not the animations that CoD has, they are also more difficult to do effectively. Call of duty is probably the easiest game to quickscope on, literally takes no skill at all.


              You obviously don't know much about quickscoping if you believe only half way aiming-in is quickscoping. What your talking about is pretty much noscoping. No-scoping isn't just firing from the hip, it can also be when you click the left trigger (Or right based on your control setup) and the animation of aiming starts but you fire before you even get to see the scope or sight (Since you aren't utilizing the scope in any way, then it is a no-scope); IW is making it so that method isn't as effective as it is now. There really is no difference between quick-aiming and quickscoping, other than quick-aiming refers to any weapon and quickscoping refers to weapons that have scopes (Mainly rifle scopes).

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                64. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

                at the end of the day, OP just wants to stop people from QS.


                it's not bad to say it, I don't know why he wanted to pretend like a "compromise" was possible.


                This game is ADD fodder. The quicker the better- QS is for the ultra high reflexed people who are bored with the same mechanics of automatics over and over again.


                Let it be.

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                  65. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

                  What I think some of these people think quickscoping is is the kills that they get when they are not completely scoped in.  How the ADS works in COD is as you are ADSing you Hipfire closes up.  In previous COD games it made it so that you didn't have to ADS fully to kill people across the map, because Aim Assist was also at play in the equation.  Now in BO2 the ADS times were slower, no AA until fully ADSed, etc. and people still were quickscoping.  Look at Ghosts, so many difference between MW2 and now and people are still complaining about it.


                  I really just think these (anti-quickscope) people are just haters.  Haters of the people that do it and haters because they get their but handed to them by one and cry because they think they are the best yet a sniper comes along and give them a butt whooping.

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                    66. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

                    Um I disagree with everything you just said sorry but making the snipers useless isn't the answer. All they need is more sway and flinch and no sticky aim it's that simple. No nerf none of that crap I am so over people trying to make the snipers useless this is an arcade game the snipers are suppose to be good at all ranges they just need to be the hardest to use. I don't understand all the hate with snipers I have never seen anyone dominate a lobby with a sniper but I always see someone dominating with an assault rifle.

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                      67. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

                      I hate quickscoping only when it is too easy to do, and when people are not PTFO.

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                        68. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

                        I can tell you that in Ghosts it is a bit harder than in previous IW games.  I think that MW2 had to have been the easiest because the YY glitch wasn't fixed so you could YY and ADS at the same time.  As for MW2 everything was easy and that is why it was so much fun.  I don't understand why everyone wants everything to be so hard.  If you want things to be hard, go play Halo, where it takes 4 bursts, or a snipe to the head to kill someone.


                        Really the only way to make COD harder is to make SMGs do 10% damage/bullet.  ARs do 15% damage/bullet.  LMGs do 20% damage/bullet.  Shotguns are a OHK.  Snipers do 50% damage.  Headshot multiplier is 2.  So it will take 5 bullets to the head with an SMG.  4 with the AR.  3 with the LMG, Shotguns are OHK upclose(about the range of BO1's Spas12).  And Snipers are a OHK to the head.  I think that this would be the best way to fix the game skillwise but then people would complain about it being too hard.

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                          69. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

                          QS in MW2 was the easiest (from a game mechanics point of view).


                          Slight of hand

                          Stopping power

                          Steady Aim


                          That is where I learned how to QS, and I called BS on myself many times because I know I should have died. Sometimes the cam showed hitmarkers nowhere near the stationary target.


                          I got quickscoped the most in MW2 (of course memories can be inaccurate)

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