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        160. Re: I Remember when all this was fields... The Forums and community

        I'm glad you learnd something today nuttin2say

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          161. Re: I Remember when all this was fields... The Forums and community

          dtuchpunk wrote:


          I'm glad you learnd something today nuttin2say

          OH God , now nuttins going to make every post with an image in it.


          But thats OK I saw that 6 MDM show just last week


          Now all we need is to see the remake movie where Steve Austin jumps down 3 steps and his gut bounces in slow motion like puppies fighting under a blanket.

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            162. Re: I Remember when all this was fields... The Forums and community

            Hey bucks,

            with the new improvements coming today, and it is Friday, should we not all share a little drink. Sure, there is still more work to do for the site team, but they have communicated excellent news today,

            whiskey pour Whiskey Poured Into Glass

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              163. Re: I Remember when all this was fields... The Forums and community

              (sits there all day waiting for the image of the glass to fill up )

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                164. Re: I Remember when all this was fields... The Forums and community

                i'm glad I bought a bottle this morning

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                  165. Re: I Remember when all this was fields... The Forums and community

                  Can I make another suggestion for this site:


                  Fix the text color of the "share" text box as the text color is white on a white background...This is on the latest version of Chrome. Either fix that or delete the "Share" functionality all together. The ONLY reason I have used the share is to try and get some points in the forum game.

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                    166. Re: I Remember when all this was fields... The Forums and community

                    smackmeister wrote:


                    Hi all,


                    As Gypsy stated, we appreciate the feedback.  I wanted to let everyone know that we are listening and actively working to address some of these issues.  There has been quite a bit of feedback on this thread so let me know if I've missed anything relevant.


                    Fixes that have already been implemented

                    • Font color
                    • Left navigation (which now matches the main Ghosts site)
                    • Background - removed
                    • Report Abuse - Threshold decreased to 3 reports (which will hide the post and place it into moderation)



                    Hi Smack, Thank you especially as I can now clearly read your reply I would add though the light blue color on the main menu of the forums is still hard to see clearly especially on the darker of the two stripes, could do with maybe darkening the font a few shades?


                    smackmeister wrote:



                    Things we're working on

                    • Improving the experience for mobile and tablet - While there definitely is room for improvement, everything appears to be functional (able to navigate, post and reply).  If you're not able to post from mobile or tablet, please provide details on the device and OS.  We've verified from an iphone 4 and 5s (both portrait and landscape; iOS7) as well as an ipad 3 (iOS7).  Again, we're working to make it more usable but would appreciate additional information.


                    I use a droid (google nexus) when im out and about or away from the pcs and the forums and functions all work reasonably well , my two main bugbears are.. when you first enter the forum the forum boxes all appear in a line in portrait  so i need to scroll down thru then all before actually seeing any content and in landscape i cant see what i type and have to flip back to portrait to see text. Again in the grand scheme of things not a biggy but given one of the often given reasons people left the forums they are no longer user friendly.


                    smackmeister wrote:




                    Things that will take more time or may not be possible

                    • Last post by - This is not default functionality in our platform.  We previously had this as a customization but that was lost once we upgraded. We're currently investigating the ability to add the customization back.
                    • More link - Also not default functionality but we're investigating options.  As an alternative, you can use the Content tab at the top of the page to see all content that exists in that particular space (which has a bug if viewed with Chrome).
                    • Excluding certain sub spaces from the recent content feed, such as clan recruiting - I agree that would be nice to have, but not sure if it's possible.
                    • Limit the amount of text in a title - May not be possible.
                    • Changing back to the previous version of private messaging - Doesn't appear possible but we'll look into it more.



                    Jive is a horrible cms  to use for a gaming community forum or any forum for that matter (unless its adobe or jive themselves), its not really designed to be used as one. Jive is best suited to a company intranet or collaborative discussion website (like adobe)  and everything designed for it from modules to widgets follows that ethos.

                    But as I said previously it looks like we stuck with it unfortunately so have to make do with it.

                    I will add though as the forward facing aspect of the game and community this website and especially the forums are the first things people see, the front page content is fine ..but once you hit the forums it just looks bad. The change over to jive from the tried and tested and it worked fine phpbb  lost us a lot of regular posters as they hated the new format. #Justsaying


                    The "last post by" - Another in the grand scheme of things not major but it is a basic forum function a proper forum has by default.


                    The more button - If you limit the "number of results" parameter in the admin of the recent content widget you lose the more button. Its a bug in the widget


                    Excluding certain spaces from the recent content module - the widget can be customized to show any combination from the spaces the admin wants in it, its just a process of adding or removing the community ID


                    Private messages - Again in the grand scheme of things not a biggy past its another basic function found on proper forums, its just annoying and a very convoluted process to actually get to a message as opposed to some pointless update about a post


                    smackmeister wrote:



                    Additional details needed

                    • Additional content on right rail - I don't think I saw what you guys would want added.
                    • 360/xb1 and ps3/ps4 displayed on the forum menu - Are you referring to the left hand navigation?


                    I think what i and others were getting at is the right rail isn't being used for anything , there's a few widgets that could be added when/if gamification is ever sorted that could be added there as a leader board or something. There's widgets for feeds so users could have an easy accessible means of finding posts they contributed too or follow...


                    with the 360/xb1 ps3/ps4 thing i meant the the forum boxes look messy and slightly ocd side of me they look wrong with a gap as there is an odd number.  The clan box when clicked breaks down into clan recruitment and clan discussion thats what i was refering to a general platform box instead of each console. But as it stands its ok I still think we need a cod esports forum we had/have one World League - Call of Duty ELITE  its been hidden away on the now defunct elite side of the website for ages (and again yes i know why this happened)  . I would also add look at that forum and the header and graphics ...now look at our main forums what one looks like gaming forum ?

                    We have the cod champs coming up , the clan v clan playlist is being changed to esport rules why are we not embracing and helping to push codesports more on here???? Again this is the biggest no brainer to me . Its needed it would increase the amount of users we have on the forums it would attract more people onto the forums.


                    I'd also still like to see a video subforum as I think it would again add more community interaction and input and more importantly people back to the forums.


                    smackmeister wrote:


                    Also, I'll point out that I can only impact the look and feel of the forums.  I don't have any control over the dev participation or the attitude of the various members.

                    We do really appreciate the small changes you have made so far as they do make a huge difference , and whoever works out how to control the attitude of posters on the internet is going to be a very rich person

                    On stuff you have control over do we really need recent content, featured content, top liked content and top rated content as separate widgets? it just seems messy and overkill and frankly pointless .either of the bottom two if for some reason we actually need then could be intergrated into the right rail.




                    smackmeister wrote:


                      so let me know if I've missed anything relevant.

                    You didn't make any mention of the ideation module, I still think this would be a good tool to use for dev/community interaction and feedback. Also can we have twitter enabled maybe ?  (again another possible use of the right rail a feed of the dev twitter feeds they are or were featured on the main page so..?)






                    Additional stuff once again added with the caveat of "with the utmost of respect" (offence is not intentional)

                    My main aim of this post originally and still is to get a much better user experience back to the forums and try to bring back some of the community we lost for whatever reason and attract new people.

                    Adding stuff to the forums is one way, as I said previously the community (us) bucking our ideas and ways we interact with our peers, as a community working closer with Atvi in making our feedback known so issues can be addressed and fixed.


                    ...and i'm sorry to bring this up once again (but its driving me flipping mad ) but it still needs to be said the support forums yesterdays debacle when xlb went down (not calling anyone specifically out as my posts just get deleted when i do ).

                    I'm just gonna say this straight when the forum users / community offer a better level of  support than some of the paid support staff there is an issue. One that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

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                      167. Re: I Remember when all this was fields... The Forums and community

                      On Windows Phone (at least) the mobile site has way too large header, making it only possible to see two threads at a time on landscape mode:


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                        168. Re: I Remember when all this was fields... The Forums and community

                        100% agreed Matuzz. It's the same on iPhone. I replied on the page beforehand - can we have the Ghosts header pinned to the top? Makes it very difficult to type messages looking though a 1cm slit.

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                          169. Re: I Remember when all this was fields... The Forums and community

                          i was just going to post a pic of what it looks like on my droid (basically the same)  but have discovered the login button has now dissapeared from the drop down side menu (it was there yesterday)  and now cant find any menu with a login option



                          also can we STOP posting flipping gifs on this thread now

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