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    Fix this game.

      You guys need to fix this game it is horrible for multiplayer. I can't count how many time you respond on top of bad guy I can't even step I am dead. The map make to easy for sniper their hardly any cover. Your perks suck if you have dead silence no one should be able hear you. You keep making this game better for the hackers and quit putting me in a game that already started give me the option if I want to do it I tired getting charged a lost because you won't let me back out when I didn't game first place. Once I back don't putt me in the same game. If you keep doing this you should pay $10,000 per time. I tried all the hacking if were playing offline let us prestige some love multiplayer but people that cheat make this game suck so bad. I rather play multiplayer offline and enjoy it instead have to keep reporting people who never get banned. If the caught cheating the ip adderss should be ban for life problem dealt with. Squad still glitch all the time why does the computer never miss when aiming unrealistic. I been playing call duty for long time since ps2 I wish you guys would fix obvious by now.

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          Re: Fix this game.

          You can't blame the game for your entirely poor performance. I do agree that the spawns are terrible, and the development team is currently working on and testing new spawns. So, that's cool.


          To address your sniper claims, you're wrong. There is plenty of cover on virtually every map. The only map that I feel is 100% meant for marksmen and snipers is Stonehaven. And, at the end of the day, there are maps that favour SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, and Assault Rifles, so why shouldn't there be some for snipers? You still stand a chance against snipers on Stonehaven if you can manage to keep to the cover. There are still plenty of places to find cover on that map.


          I also hate being put into matches that are already started/almost over. However, that's a matchmaking problem, and it has been present in every single First Person Shooter ever released with an online multiplayer component.


          My advice to you would be to quit picking apart the things that aren't huge problems (maps being the main one), and focus more on the spawns. You aren't going to get better at the game if they bottle-feed you maps that are easy to play on with every class type. I agree with you on the matchmaking and spawns, and the developers clearly agree with you on the spawns. Matchmaking is a lot different. I just wish they'd put me in matches with players of around the same skill, even as I get better. >.<

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            Re: Fix this game.

            While it is true the OP needs to spend more time doing homework and less playing video games, there is one positive to come out of it...


            After thousands of "fix this game now" posts, I'm pretty sure that Activision will see this one, take it to heart and immediately make a patch that fixes every problem with the game.  They will probably even change the laws of physics so latency no longer exists.


            Thanks OP!  We all owe you one! You saved the franchise!

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              Re: Fix this game.

              Maybe I've been lucky but the spawns have been ok recently, as for the AI being hot shots so what it should improve your play, the matchmaking on the whole has been ok as well however I'm only level 25 with my top soldier so that may change. Overall I'm still enjoying ghosts just gotta get used to it

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                Re: Fix this game.

                Well I took the time to read your post (even if it did hurt me a little).

                I think you have 2 good points if I got this right.


                Spawns are bad.


                joining games halfway through.


                First the spawns well it's not good but it's the same for both teams I've had players spawn in my sights many times 3x in one game one after another.... great for me not the other team.


                I've also spawned in front of the other team time after time in the same game.

                (Spawns are being worked on so I keep getting told).


                anyway onto joining games this will and has always happened...you can leave you will not get your game bonus but that's about it.


                Have a great day and try opening your eyes for a place to hide that comment didn't really deserve a response..... no cover

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                  Re: Fix this game.

                  I agree with the spawn system. Very bad.

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