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    The "Fun" Debate or another excuse.



      I wanted to engage what others think on this new complaint about Ghost "Its not fun". I have read a few of these similar things being said, "its not fun".


      I have noticed two huge things: No more "lag comp" complaints (not as they use to be) and no more "rubber bullets" complaints. So now we have "no more fun" complaints running around.


      What does your fun, represent? I mean we all know these games are entertaining, they are and you would not have bough it (unless your entireily new to the series) but fun? My version of fun, is playing and winning and picking people of through various methods, also surviving is fun to me. So is this new trend another excuse? As a gamer, if I buy a game and do not find it "fun" I simply stop playing and that is it.

      Thoughts on this?

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          1. Re: The "Fun" Debate or another excuse.

          What people find fun is, as you allude to, always different.


          I think that where the 'fun' complaints come from is that people could be successful whilst having their version of fun on previous COD instalments.  However, because of the changes in this instalment, they stop being successful whilst trying to have the same fun.


          You're correct in that generally, if a game isn't fun, you should stop playing.  However COD becomes a victim of it's own success here as people had so much fun in previous instalments that when a new one comes out, they are desperate for the same.


          I've always got my kicks from playing as apart of a team and winning games in this environment, which I can get whatever the style of game they put out.  However I can understand why the people who get fun from carefree run and gunning would class this game as not being fun.


          Hope that all makes sense!

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            2. Re: The "Fun" Debate or another excuse.

            Makes perfect sense, thank you for your response and what you say is true (which I forgot to add) people tend to bring to the new game the notion it will be like the previous games (just because of the title)


            But from experience each game was different, MW2 was not like MW, BO was not like MW2, MW3 was not like BO and so forth and this game does the same with BO2 yet they still think the game will be the same.


            Team playing is fun as well, I have a blast playing with friends.

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              3. Re: The "Fun" Debate or another excuse.

              The gamer can make it fun for itself

              for gamer one its a easy to use weapon

              for gamer two it's knife only

              for gamer three it's akibo pistols

              for gamer four is snipers

              etc etc

              The complainers don't have anything left so a new item is the victem


              Next thing will be that stairs are OP

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                4. Re: The "Fun" Debate or another excuse.



                We each choose our fun, what we do is what we find "fun". Now what I understand from these new complaints is, becuase others dont find the fun similar as mine, then its not fun at all? Silly concept to think others should feel the same way, good post Dtuch.

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                  5. Re: The "Fun" Debate or another excuse.

                  I think boobytrapped care packages and using claymores offensively is fun. I kinda miss those. Now I use the IMS offensively instead. I love chasing people with those!

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                    6. Re: The "Fun" Debate or another excuse.

                         I'd wager the people that complained about "lag comp" and "rubber bullets" are having fun now, and the bullet sponges that used to be able to sprint 24/7, hipfiring down everything that popped up in front of them are the culprits of the "It's no fun" trend.

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                      7. Re: The "Fun" Debate or another excuse.

                           LOL, nothing beat running with a claymore over your head.  And the "scare packages" was fun, too.  I'd stick around and pretend I was guarding it, maybe even kill a guy when he came for it.  Many times I'd get a double kill from it.

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                        8. Re: The "Fun" Debate or another excuse.

                        I like IW and not 3rch.  But if this was a BO3 game I would play it, unlike BO1 and 2.  But I am more of a MW fanboy at the end of the day, and this definitely doesnt have a MW feel.

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                          9. Re: The "Fun" Debate or another excuse.

                          You can't really blame the game, though. It just isn't suited for those players. What about the gamers who abhor sports games? Does that make FIFA or Madden NFL bad or "not fun" in general? No. If people like running and gunning than it is perfectly acceptable that this game is no fun, or let's just say less fun, for them. But that isn't the game or the developer's fault. They made something that sticks to at least 90% (in my opinion) of what the last game in the franchise did. It's there right as developers to make the game how they see fit. If previous players can't have fun, just stop playing. And I am not accusing anybody here, but complainers need to realize that this game can't be fixed because there isn't a real problem (possible balancing issues and spawns aside).

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