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    Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

      1.) I watched a youtube video recently which gave me new hope.  It's on the outsidexbox channel from way back in november 2012.  It features commentary by Reza.


      What interests me most about what Reza says is towards the end of the video.  The interviewer asks how long Reza thinks it will take us to find everything in Tranzit.  Reza responds, "Tranzit will take quite a while to find everything, accomplish everything, like the side quests and easter egg so it will have a lengthy amount of playing time."  This by itself doesn't seem like much, however when speaking about the storyline, he says it requires "playing multiple, multiple times, hearing the dialogue, finding clues in the environment, doing the easter eggs and side quests, to really put the story together."


      I'm curious as to what side quests he is referring to? My first thought was the achievements, but I am not so sure. How does opening all of the doors without getting burned help put the story together? How does killing the Avogadro without getting shocked help put the story together? Or using the teleporter? etc etc....  And if he is not talking about the achievements, then what side quests is he referring to?


      This also got me thinking about a Jimmy tweet.  "It may be points. or whatever you call them, wait the appropriate amount of time, continue to work"  We have that, along with the infamous "Commitment" tweet.


      I've played enough school yard basketball to know that tallying is a common way of score keeping.  In other words a tally is a point. A point is a tally. Now everyone knows that the tallies and blue eyes come from playing multiple days in a row.  This takes "playing multiple, multiple times," "waiting", and "commitment" considering no matter how much you play in one day, you still have to wait 24 hours or what not to get your next tally, and it only counts days in a row.


      I'm not sure how this ties into anything, but I am curious to know why they took the time to put an emphasis on how many days in a row someone has played.  Rank gives an indication of how good you are, or how good your stats say you are, but what possible use does displaying the amount of days played in a row have?


      Is it coincidence that we've been instructed that it takes points (tallies), playing multiple times, waiting an appropriate amount of time, commitment (all of which are required to obtain the Blue Eyes), and the real kicker.....We were given a hint that it was "right in front of our faces"..? Is this really all coincidence?


      2.) For those of you who hunted back in the early days, you'll remember a twitter conversation the devs had.  It was something like "I touched the moon today" - "remember to wash your hands before touching a moon".  At first I thought this was cheesy geek code for,"Dude I touched her butt"....assuming it's not though, I did find something interesting last night which I had never noticed before.


      We all know that you can leave your gun in the PaP and voila no gun. Everything seemed to be normal, but when I bought the galvaknuckles, I could not run.  To be clear, I had no gun, purchased the knuckles, and afterwards I could not run.  I was Russman for anyone curious.  


      If we can confirm that there is something different about the knuckles when you do not have a gun, it might mean something.  My friend pointed out that if I was indeed slowed by this then it would take someone "staying close to me" to fight the zombies and denizens if there was something to do in the fog, say punch the black box under the church sign for example.


      Without a gun or being able to run I died pretty quickly, and I have yet to test this any further. It could have been a glitch for all I know, but if anyone has time to test it today please do so!


      a.) Just a side note, but any research into Krauss reveals that he not only invented the defibrillator, but the same company also manufactured buses and trains...both of which are found in Tranzit.  Food for thought.

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          1. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

          Nice post. Clear and precise.


          I've thought long and hard about the tallies, and am pretty much convinced they are for something besides just showing that you've played for 5+ days in a row. Lately, as I keep getting side tracked by life, I lose my blue eyes and have to re-obtain them. Always, it takes more than five days--- more like 7-8 days. Once I'm on tally 4, it takes an additional day or three.


          As far as your Galva-no-running experience goes: it sounds more like a glitch. But, it is definitely something worth duplicating to see if you get the same result. If it isn't a glitch, I'm lost for a reason as to why that would happen.


          I'm still on here and there, mostly in Tranzit and Nuketown, trying to experiment with things. It is a tad overwhelming, especially in solo, and when you're at a loss for ideas. If you'd ever like to brainstorm in game, I'd be down. Xbox: CSAWWWW. Just a few things I've been interested in as of late:

          1- Laundr-o-Mat. Not the beams or triggering them in any way, but the sign itself. There are three circles that appear to be in orbit or something like that. The word "transit" itself: the astronomical event that occurs when one celestial body appears to move across the face of another celestial body, hiding a small part of it, as seen by an observer at some particular vantage point. A transit requires three bodies to be lined up in a single line. Also, the three circles could represent the water molecule. One big Oxygen, two small Hydrogens.

          2- The Bowling Alley. Pretty much, just the colors associated with it. Red, yellow, blue, green. Same colors from the Sam Says game on Moon. Same colors on the jet gun wires. Supposedly---> Same colors on some wires at the power station (above where Tombstone would be) & same colors on NavCard machine. Looking at old threads here, I found that somebody also discovered a hidden door at the back of the bowling alley that you can only see with the MMS attachment.


          I'm sure there's more, but I should probably be working

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            2. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

            I also think that the laundromat and bowling alley are suspicious, the bowling alley espicially with that moon sign there... The laundromat has a double door that leads into the bowling alley, but you cannot go in the bowling alley because zombies spawn there. I saw someone on youtube that had a glitch where the laundromat door disappeared. He was still blocked from going in, and grenades just hit an invisible wall... so I dont think you can go in either of them, just shoot them to get beams and maybe do samantha says?


            Has anyone kept track of orb appearances with or without 5 tallies and blue eyes? Maybe orbs only appear with 5 tallies?

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              3. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

              The few I've gotten have only been seen with blue eyes.

              But, people on the forum here have seen orbs without them.

              I'm not sure if they were playing solo or in games with other people that had blue eyes...

              Safe to say that you could see the orbs either way.

              If they are there for a reason, it would be for a reason beyond just Tranzit, yeah?

              So, I'd say that the eyes may be important, but for seeing orbs, I'd say that are not.


              I feel the need to pay more attention and investigate the bowling alley some more.

              I've searched the forum's past threads a tad, and haven't discovered any method or trials as far as shooting the colored pins with certain guns in order to activate something. Since Sam Says always seemed random, both times you had to play, it wouldn't make sense to look at that for clues. But, shooting them in the order that they're laid out on the jet gun, navcard machine, & power station could trigger something.

              I did find a thread about the colors maybe correlating to the perks. So, I've been wanting to try a few things with the perks-- order of buying them, activating them with turbines without power, maybe galva'ing them, etc.

              Basically, I'm trying to stray from things that seem so overly obnoxious and that may be completed in solo mode, too.


              EDIT: Just a heads up to folks wanting to complete the Maxis EE on Tranzit--- something I noticed a little while ago is that if you have the Tombstone persistent-perk, and if you go down after the power is turned off, you will revive with the perks activated. I thought this was odd, and I don't think it's a glitch necessarily, as it's the only map you can toggle the power on or off. But, (and I'm just assuming) it would enable everyone to try the EE with Jugg and two other perks while the power is off.

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                4. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                Good post man.

                There are some achievments that can be done at the same time. Maybe we can combinine these.

                The lights of there eyes and you have no power over me can be, energy can only transformed.

                Happy hour and dance on your grave, stay close to me. (turbine at tombstone soda and go down with tombstone and 1 other).

                Will see how i can fit this together but maybe for the orbs we need to get to town without being on fire.

                Or activate Power without being Set on fire.

                I'm never look to didnt get on fire like the most of us. But sometimes we activate the power without set on fire and this triggers the orbits. I'm not at home next days so hopefully some of you guys can test something with the achievments.

                I know (think ) when we know how to let them appear we will touch the moon.

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                  5. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                  in the bar in tranzit by the pool table against the wall where you build the jet gun.  If you look behind the pool table you can see something behind there, a statue.  To be honest it looks like a claw, or something, almost like the statues on Die Rise that hold the balls before you sliquifier them.  Its probably nothing, but just noticed something behind that table.

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                    6. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                    HI all, I've done the EE on Tranzit but it was only after doing the Die Rise one and that got me hooked. I've try doing a couple of things on Tranzit but only some basic stuff.


                    One one thing that I'm curious about is the TV transmission. It sounds like there was three groups of survivors. One group was for Richtofen, one for Maxis and the other group tried to stay away from the other two. I wonder if the different areas of the map reflect this. Possibly through where power is used and where it isn't used.

                    I also wonder if you need to do the Maxis EE and then the Richtofen one as the people on the transmission tend to suggest that they followed Maxis' directions but then he stopped talking to them.


                    Anyway if anyone needs some to help them test some theories send me a message on xbox, GT is blablatj.

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                      7. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                      Ya in the past there was a lot of talk about the colors in the bowling alley.  I don't think anything came of the hunt, but I'm not sure if anyone tested the different gun theory.


                      I do believe that if the orbs have something to do with a continuation, then we will need something out of the box.


                      If you guys know anything about computer gaming you know that a Macro is basically an automated system a character runs on that takes it through a set sequence of actions.  In browser based games they are used a lot to farm xp or certain items. In other words, you put your character on auto pilot.


                      If you think about it, the bus driver must run on a macro, and there just so happens to be a gun called the Macro Annihilator or the Barrett upgraded.  I'm beginning to wonder if we can somehow destroy the macro that Ted is running on, and somehow change the sequence, perhaps with the Mechanical Cranium Sequencer, therefore changing the bus route.


                      I just think it's curious that the RMCS is not a head shot weapon by nature, and there is only one mechanical cranium in the whole map.  Weird name choice for a shotty.


                      Along a different line of thought, all of the pictures in town can be explained by either referencing it to the EE, i.e the tower and the ear, or by attributing it to a subsequent map.  One picture to me seems a bit odd though.  It's the one which, in my opinion, clearly has the Avogadro hovering above a building.  There appears to be a type of lightning rod protruding from the building, and there happens to be a rod type structure protruding from the bank itself....Food for thought.


                      Getting on in a few hours to test the no gun galva knuckles...

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                        8. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                        Maybe try shooting the bowling alley with an orb gun from the box? or a porter ray gun? day x2 me reference?

                        I saw someone say that the buildings in town all have a color and i think the colors are the same as the bowling alley lights.

                        For instance bank is green, jug building is red, bar is yellow, and laundromat is blue.

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                          9. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                          I really like those ideas. Everyone kind of gave up on the bus driver, but those ideas seem plausible, maybe while driving in the tunnel or on the bridge.


                          Also I dont know why treyarch did this, but i just noticed there is a yield sign next to the bridge.

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