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    Change squad member in-game!!!

      6 classes is just not enough and you don't always know who your opponent is or how they r gonna play.  Hell 6 classes isn't enough for TDM let alone any objective game modes.


      At least let us have 10 classes for last squad member.  Which they should've done in the first place.

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          I rock a 2.2 K/D on TDM, (which isn't elite, but it does for me).  I have 3 loadouts.


          Can't imagine why on earth you'd need 10!

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            six classes isnt enough for one game mode erm...

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              kurt24 wrote:


              6 classes is just not enough and you don't always know who your opponent is or how they r gonna play.  Hell 6 classes isn't enough for TDM let alone any objective game modes.


              At least let us have 10 classes for last squad member.  Which they should've done in the first place.

              How is having more than 6 classes going to help you determine or win against anyone? I only use the first 3 classes and have no issues with how others are playing.

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                Wow!  Everyone I play with agrees with me!!  Especially during clan wars when switching modes every hour or so.

                I play every map differently which means i need to run a different class.  Since we r posting kd mine is 2.6 prestige 9.


                AR 1     dog TR BH                                        Octane Stormfront Whiteout Overlord Warhawk

                AR 2     sat dog sentry                                   Siege Sovereign Chasm                                                           dead s, amplify

                MR       TR BH Helo                                       Stonehaven Prison Break Overlord

                SMG     sat dog sentry                                   Sovereign Strikezone Freight                                                    marathon, lw

                Shotty   dog TR BH                                        Tremor Flooded                                                           

                LMG     dog TR BH                                        Strikezone Stonehaven Overlord Prison Break



                Couldn't remember which perks i used on different classes.  I am not that good with a sniper but i can do well when the connection is there.  So it would be nice to have a class for that.  Don't like to run sit rep unless the match calls for it.  Depending on the connection I am having I tend to adjust what I am using.  None of the 6 r setup with support which u need in different game modes and sometimes TDM. 

                With what i described i could easily use 8 classes in TDM and u don't play this way u r missing out!!!

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                  We had 10 classes since MW2 & I found out that I only use 3 classes. One close range class, one everyday class & one longer range class. The rest are silly ones or favorite weapon classes because my favorite weapon usually ain't the "best" like the CM901 from MW3.

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                    No. While I would be fine with upping it to 10 Classes per Squad Member (I switch around a lot myself), there is no reason to switch Squad members.


                    Part of the strategy of the game is being prepared going in. It is up to YOU to prepare your Squad members for anything they might face. You may want to have a fallback class for each squadmate  for when things go sour in a match.

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                      I mostly only use 3 classes, with minor tweaks depending on what gametype I am going to be playing. For example I'll be using Marathon for Dom and TDM and KC, but I'll drop it for Amplify if I'm going into SnD. Similarly in HC I'll rock blind eye, but if I go into Core I switch it out for Focus.


                      To that end, once my classes are set up, I only need to tweak them every so often. I have certainly never needed more than 6 classes

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                        If anything your logic is backwards.

                        The first squad member should be allowed 10 weapon classes (Room to experiment),

                        -  the second squad member - 9 weapon classes and so forth.

                        By the tenth squad member you should be versatile enough, and have enough weapons experience in all the various configurations to be able to play with a single weapon class;  modify it between games if you absolutely must; but you shouldn't need to find yourself continuously switching between classes mid-game.


                        What's the old time saying:  Too many arrows in the quiver - - - - - master of none.

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                          yes please

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                              I would rather be able to change an outfit and apply it to each loadout individually.

                              I don't particularly think a DEVGRU HEAVY is concealing on the prison break map, nor is the Ghillie suit on the sovereign map - - - - - but as they say "you live by the Ghillie, you die by the Ghillie" - - or sword or whatever.  You are currently confined to a single outfit for each squad member.

                              Point being;  I don't mind running around looking like a potted plant in an industrial environment if it means I can snipe in the weeds.

                              And if you try to tailor each loadout to each map and game mode then I'm sure you would think you need a LARGE variety of weapon classes/loadouts.


                              There are some players whom play more like game managers, and there are others that play like gunslingers - - - to each their own.

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                              I would like to have either 1 or 2 more class loadouts, Because I mainly play S&R and I use all the loadouts on my soldier for many different situations, but there are too many situations that my loadouts do not counter against. I would like to have a 7th or an 8th loadout. It would be nice.

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                                Most people use maybe 3 classes max.

                                6 classes each squadmember is enough.

                                I got 6 squadmembers. Each member has his purpose. And I will when I use that member use it within his role.

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                                  Too many classes not enough weaps imo

                                  hardly any weaps

                                  really expected a space n water Mp map by now with delicious harpoon & zero g guns but alas not.

                                  Loadouts you have 60! how on earth is that not enough

                                  there arent 60 guns!

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                                    I liked having 10 classes.


                                    1 LMG anti-air class

                                    1 LMG cover-fire class

                                    1 Sniping class

                                    1 Shotgun class

                                    1 SMG class

                                    1 AR class

                                    1 Overkill class

                                    1 Super-stealth class

                                    2 "Challenge" classes


                                    Most players don't use a wide variety of the game's options. As a result, you get constant complaints about stuff being overpowered. The prestige system is still nothing more than a function of time played. The reality is that in COD4 you had five CaC slots and, six years later, the game has "progressed" to having a whopping six custom classes.


                                    I find it funny that everyone things this thing is revolutionary somehow. It's smoke and mirrors meant to wazzle-dazzle players. It has not genuine functional benefit to players in-game.

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                                      Go to Create-A-Soldier, select a guy/girl, press Square or X


                                      It's not hard to switch to a new guy. Takes probably 3 seconds to do. If that doesn't work then I'd say the problem is you. Once I enter a game I can often go using just one class. At most I use two or three depending on how the game flows. It's not hard to set a soldier up 6 different ways to fight any kind of battle.

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                                             Maybe not during the match, but it would be nice to be able to select your soldier at the start of the match.  A moshpit would be a little rough with 6 loadouts.

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                                          Six is enough. The people who want more classes want a solution to everything. Sometimes you won't have the absolute perfect counter class, so deal with what you got. If you had an answer to every problem, than the problems stop becoming problems. Beating the odds is sometimes a challenge that has to be taken.


                                          Honestly, just set up each squad member for a game mode and switch members in between. I personally don't thing I need more than six classes for TDM and I most certainly don't need more than six for S&R/D. I have been using the same class for S&R/D for quite some time and I have decent success with it. Is it perfect? No. But it is versatile enough and that's all I need.

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                                              Problem is people specialize their loadouts way way way too much. On every single one of my Squad members I have at least 1 class that's the be all end all class. It will work in any mode & any situation. If you make 6 loadouts that are specialized then you're the problem not the game.

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                                              I believe they should have kept Squads and MP seperate, at keast as far as soldiers are concerned.  My solution.


                                              Have the classic MP soldier with 10 loadouts max.


                                              Have Squad soldiers with 6 loadouts max.


                                              You could still earn MP XP bonus from squads with this, but in MP, you can only play your MP soldier.  You could also still play any Squad mode with you MP soldier.  It would just replace one of your usual AI soldiers.  You could still play as one of the squad soldiers in Squads if you wanted too.  This way people can use things they wouldn't normally.


                                              Win-win all around I believe.

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                                                  We need a dislike button.

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                                                      Spoil-t wrote:


                                                      We need a dislike button.


                                                      Sure do.

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                                                        Here's my thinking. 


                                                        I run in MP as an LMG guy.  In squads, if your AI is holding an LMG, they go sit in a corner.  This is not how I play MP.  So, my MP loadouts aren't calibrated for when the AI plays by themselves, or I am using perks I don't actually use every time in MP, if I calibrate them for Squads.  I just unlocked the 200 squad point soldier just so I could set up a correct LMG class for Squads while breaking out my MP character.  I think it would have been easier to split the two modes for someone like me who doesn't play like the template tries to force you to. 


                                                        I know I could change the loadouts and that is what I have been doing till now, but it's annoying to have to do that over and over.  I didn't have to do this extra busy work in past versions and it adds nothing to the enjoyment of the game.  Six slots is fine if you want to keep it that way.  I'm not really worried about more slots.  I remember COD4 as well, and I was fine with 5.  I just think that it would have been better to keep the soldier aspect of MP and Squads seperate.  The 10 slots idea was simply because we have had it before.  Why take away a feature that seems to be a favorite with a lot of players?


                                                        What would you suggest that's different from my idea that would have solved my problem?  I was tagged with a 200 squad point penalty simply because the game functions a certain way.

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                                                            Put Marathon on the LMG class & the bot won't camp. I saw plenty of LMG squad members running around. Really, if they upped the bot's level they won't act stupid. Go into a Private Match & set the bots to Veteran. They freaking drop shot & quickscope. They don't do that in squads in squads they stare at the wall.

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                                                                I appreciate that, but I never use Marathon in MP.  This illustrates my point.  To "program" the bots behavior, one must use certain perks that one may not use in MP because a human player doesn't need to be programmed.


                                                                We wouldn't have this debate if they had just left them seperate.  I'm not saying it's right or wrong, I'm saying it doesn't make much sense to me.


                                                                Anyway, I've unlocked my seventh soldier so I'm good now.



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                                                          I miss having 10 classes but I do well enough with 6.  I do have to wonder though how my approach will change when I stop leveling up.  As is all of my Squad members are setup to be basically stand alone players.  In other words, I have a lot of generalized classes to take on anything with very little specialization.  Once I'm done leveling, I may go back and specialize some classes within them so that I can make quick changes if I find myself up against an opponent that uses oddball stuff and I need oddball stuff to counter him.  I'll soon get a taste of this since I'm over half way through my 9th member and won't have enough squad points built up to unlock my 10th right away.

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                                                            It doesn't matter if you are good or bad or if you need 2 classes or 10... What you all have missed is that we were sold a bill of goods that they did not deliver on. We were told we would have thousands of configurations and unlimited possibility in design. Next Gen was going to allow us to do so much BUT we LOST functionality. Now you only have ONE class with SIX different configurations. And for those of you that suck at math That's less than the number of weapon types people!

                                                            Who cares if they give us 200 more squad members, as the OP pointed out we can only choose one and it will need to have a class for each depending on the type of match. So i can't set up one guy as a sniper with multiple guns and attachments to switch between for different operations.  

                                                            Yup, at the end of the day it is the same old engine with prettier packaging. Well funnier package as I'm sure you've all seen the ghillie suit running around with an SMG because we cant even change looks within classes.