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      I have been having issues with this game only...i put in mw2,mw3 and black ops 2 and its all on OPEN NAT..i know its nothing to do with me because i was on the phone with my router company and internet provider and EVERYTHING is OPEN...i have never ever had probelms until this game...occasionally on other call of dutys but you back out to main menu and go back to MP and its fine...i have had OPEN NAT on ghosts as well but i constantly have to go back to the main menu and sign back in and after a few times its on open....it was on open for hours today and then i sign off for a little and then it is stuck at moderate and sometimes strict and back to moderate..anyone else having simulaar issue??? thanks!

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          Same thing here. My husband and I both have our PS3s hooked up via our router. Played every game in history with open nat types, now his is open on ghosts and mine is strict. I spent 7 hours configuring everything myself last night. I have done network engineering for a living. I paid a network engineer $40 for 3 hours to try to figure it out tonight. She basically said there's nothing she can do after changing over 100 settings on router and ps3.


          I am so disgusted right now. I contacted Activision first since this is the only game I've ever had problems with. They did nothing and passed me off to my ISP Time Warner Cable.. who said they can't help at all. Transferred me to my router company (I have a Linksys E4200). Non-speaking English gentleman transferred me to their 3rd party non English speaking tech support (which I wasted $40 on).


          So I am 100% with you on this one. I may spend a few more hours trouble shooting, but then I'm selling PS3, all games everything. I'm done. COD is the only game I really play so there's no point in keeping it around.


          What ISP do you have? Speeds? Router? Maybe we can narrow everything down. I heard people having problems with the Linksys E4200. I may just borrow someone's router to see if that's it. Again, I use TWC as my ISP and speeds are listed as up to 20 down/2 up. We regularly each get 10+. Not great, but better than half of my clan!


          And what problems are you having? Trouble joining games? Joining parties? Getting booted? Strange enough, it isn't preventing me from playing and it doesn't kick me. The biggest problem I have is partying up. It takes forever sometimes.

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              its actually pretty crazy because i am having no problems whatsoever getting into games or playing with my friends...i honestly think its there servers because i just put MW3 and it is OPEN..i have a NETGEAR and i paid for the guy to get everything open,dmz,ports all that..i have NEVER had this issue until ghosts came out..some of my friends are getting it too....my buddy was playing with his son on the same internet in the house and he had moderate and his son was open..if i back out of the main menu and resign into psn sometimes in goes to open..but like i said i can play perfectly fine!...playsatation support help me power cycle my modem and router and its still the same...lol its pisses me off! i lose sleep over this stuff! but ill say it again ive read a few things on here as well i honestly think its there servers or something on there end because i know everything is fine over here and im sure on your part as well! but this will drive me nuts until its fixed...hopefully when i get my ps4 next week it will narrow it down since they claim they have "dedicated servers" good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              i feel better that someone else is going through it too so i know its not only me!

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                You need to make a static I.P. address for you PlayStation then either/or port forward your modem/router for the given ports for call of duty ghosts which are all posted on portforward.com or you can put your PlayStation in the DMZ via your router. The DMZ is easier to do but port forwarding is more secure from my understanding. Both methods work but remember you MUST make a static IP address for your PlayStation, all methods can found using Google search or using YouTube as a source of information.  

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                Don't know if it will help u guys out on this, but there are some vids on youtube that give step by step explanation on how to get ur nat type open. Hope they can help u out.

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                  Was this resolved by now?

                  I'm having the same problem; I just tried BO2 and it has NAT Type OPEN

                  But Ghost has NAT Type Moderate - I only notice because all of a sudden today I can't join friends games


                  Is this called ghosts because the darn game is haunted

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                    Almost all of the people I play with have had this problem.


                    this may sound stupid but all we do is reboot the internet and it all works fine.

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                      had the same problem if I just stick ghost in the slot moderate all other cods open. to get ghost to play on open I have to put bops2 in load up to game screen where it says open nat type  flick the disc out and put ghost in then it plays nat open might work for you worth a try

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                        Sorry for the wall of text, but I'm trying to be helpful here.  And yeah -- this is my first post because I usually only read the forums so that I can learn what others have to share.


                        I have 50down/10up from Comcast and a NetGear router supplied by them.  I used to have one of the original XFinity modems, but it fried due to constantly bouncing/hard resetting/physically unplugging it because of COD NAT problems.  I've always had NAT problems (mostly going from open to moderate NAT) when playing COD games.  Usually, I just bounce the router to solve the problem.  But I did notice, with GHOSTS, this really became way too frequent of a problem.  I've done many speed tests on many occasions and to various servers across the states and there never seems to be an obvious problem there.  I was just struggling with the NAT issues, as I know that many other people are.


                        I do NOT open game ports or use DMZ as others have suggested because of security reasons. The router is configured for WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] encryption.  There are 18 devices on the router, 4 of which are wired - two of the wired being PS3's; two other PS3's run wireless.  Even though there are a lot of devices, the majority are not always on at the same time.  In any case, I really only care about the wired PS3's as one of them is mine


                        Anyhow, here's how I solved the problem.  I put every single device that connects to the router (wired or wireless) into the "QOS Priority Rule List".  QOS means Quality of Service and is used to prioritize the level at which the router responds to network traffic from any given device.  The levels are Highest, High, Normal and Low.  All the PlayStations are assigned Highest priority and everything else is assigned Low, with the exception of PC's which are given either High or Normal priority.  There is a lot of streaming going on here with IPods, smart phones and a smart TV.  But even with having the Lowest priority assigned on the router, no degradation in quality has been observed on any device; no buffering on YouTube or otherwise.  Once the QOS levels were assigned, I simply hard reset the router once more and guess what -- Open NAT all the time when playing GHOSTS -- no more router bouncing for me


                        I'm not going to provide a tutorial on how to configure your router or setup QOS, because that depends on your router.  Besides, Google should be your best friend by now and if not, contact your ISP technical support and they should be able to answer at least a few questions for free.


                        Hope this helps.


                        Edits:  fixed the up/down speeds as I had them reversed and fixed references to modem when it should have been router -- I know the differences.

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                          So I figured something out that surprised me a little with this whole DMZ BS Between PS4 and PS3.


                          First my set up was PS3 in DMZ of route, UPNP Turned on r - Result Open NAT

                          PS4 was just static IP w/ UPNP turned on - Open NAT


                          Went back to PS3 and had Moderate... Sound Familiar? Well i deleted all UPNP Forwarded ports and then PS3 became open again. So will try not using UPNP on the PS3 and see what happens.


                          But i guess once you turn on UPNP those ports seem to remain forwarded to the other. Annoying i know but perhaps turning off UPNP ont he DMZ enabled device will help.. Worth at try.

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                            i got a cisco linksyse1200 and heres whatit does to me. if im on ps4 first my nat is open but if my brother signes on his ps3 his is strict then if he signs on first his moderate and i get on my ps4 and i got strict ive open ports and still no luck

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                              Things to consider (this is not exactly a solution)


                              - If you are using port forwarding: Do you have the correct ports forward for Ghosts (Seems to me I remember reading they are different)

                              - uPnP turned on (router) and having ports forwarded is redundant for 1 console.


                              Some suggestions:

                              - One Console using port forwarding, Other Console in the DMZ.  Get into the game using the port forwarded console 1st (see why below)

                              - No port forwarding/DMZ, and use uPnP only (I use an apple router which has PMP which is a better implementation of uPnP and this just works for me).

                              - uPnP enable, and one in the DMZ (my friends do this and they are both open)

                              - Find all the applicable ports that are required, and forward DIFFERENT ports to the different consoles (if your router does not support uPnP, this is likely the best solution)


                              Why: When you have device in the DMZ, all ports get opened to it.


                              The thing is, when one device reserves a port it cannot be used to another device (internet 101).


                              These are suggestions as different routers support different functionality.

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                                i have static ip on ps3..have blops 2 on disc in ps3 and ghost hdd.. mines always open,but if i quit one game and play the other it sometimes goes to moderate on both games..easiest fix is to change the last digit of the static ip in the ps3 settings.goes back to open every time.

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                                  What it sounds like to me is that you didn't set a static IP address for your console or the one that you set is too low.  It sounds like some other device in your house is getting assigned the IP address that you have your ports forwarded to and that is causing your console to get a different IP address assigned to it.  This happened to me early on back in BO2.  You will want to manually assign an IP address to your console via your console internet connection setup and then you will need to go to your router and forward your ports to that new IP address.  Keep in mind when assigning your console an IP address that you need to account for how many devices that you have in your house and then add a few more levels just to be sure that you don't have a moment when your console and some other device gets assigned the same IP address.

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                                      Re: ANYONE ELSE HAVING STRICT AND MODERATE NAT TYPE ISSUES

                                      That... or assign it one outside of the DCHP range that one provisioned on the router.




                                      router IP: , with a DCHP rang of 100 (  This means that the router will automatically assign addresses to 100 devices.  You can set the static address to the console > than the number of devices you expect on the network (e.g. as an example)




                                      set it to (same subnet, but outside of the DHCP range)

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                                      Re: ANYONE ELSE HAVING STRICT AND MODERATE NAT TYPE ISSUES

                                      Found this on another forum, Maybe it will help:


                                      Starting with the basics!


                                      Firstly, there are 3 Nat types and I'll explain which one will give you the best connection.



                                      Nat types for setting up a connection



                                      Nat type 1 (Best connection - OPEN )



                                      For this type of connection, your modem is connected directly to the internet.



                                      Nat type 2 (Good connection - Open/Moderate and sometimes/rarely might go strict)



                                      For this type of connection, your modem is connected directly to your router.



                                      Nat type 3 ( Bad connection, STRICT nat type)



                                      You DO NOT want this kind of connection. This connection is a STRICT connection that limits your connectivity online.



                                      Open nat type
                                      This is the Nat type that you should always want to have because it means that your connection is not limited in any way.



                                      Moderate nat type


                                      While this connection is good, it's much more preferred that you have your nat type be open.



                                      Strict nat type
                                      This is the nat type that you do not want because it limits your connection online. You will find it very hard to join a multiplayer game with this kind of connection.



                                      Setting up your connection to maximize your connections performance online



                                      if you are connected online via a router, you may want to consider hooking just your modem so you can get a Nat type 1, connection. The reason for this is because, modems perform much better for a connection than routers. You will find that your connection is very consistent with just your modem hooked up, rather than your previous connection where you had a router setup. For those that have a very good connection, this will benefit you the most and I'll explain why. Most routers have something called, "buffer bloating". The better your connection is, the worst the Buffer bloating is. This is very bad for FPS games. Modems do not have any buffer bloating and this is why you will find that you kill people quickly & consistently, especially if you have a VERY good connection.




                                      How can I setup my connection to get a OPEN nat type?



                                      First, It's important that you know how you connect to the internet. Most people will just select "easy" to setup there connection or they will select "custom' but not choose the settings that are important. If you selected "easy" and also tried "custom" and have a moderate-strict nat type, than you chose the wrong settings, chances are, the reason you chose the wrong settings is because you may have a PPPOE type connection. If you have a PPPOE connection, than let's start there (That's the connection I have setup).
                                      I"m pretty sure all DSL users have a PPPOE connection, so if you have DSL, but you are not getting an OPEN nat type, or you are trying to setup your connection to your modem but you are getting "strict" than follow these instructions.



                                      PPPOE Connection - Wired



                                      1. In the PSN MENU, go to network settings and setup a new connection.
                                      2. select "custom"
                                      3. select "Wired"
                                      4. Operation Mode (Auto detect)
                                      5. IP address setting (PPPOE)
                                      6. type in your username and password of your PPPOE connection, if you don't remember it, find your paper/book that came with your internet and it will tell you the user/pass.
                                      7. DNS (automatic)
                                      8. MTU (automatic)


                                      9. Proxy (do not use)
                                      10. UpnP (enabled)
                                      11. test connection


                                      NOTE: If you can't get the best connection (wired) than you will instead need to select "wireless" and put in your wireless information. It's preferred that you "wire" your connection for a lag-free connection.



                                      You should now 100% have an open nat type. If you are connected via a modem, you will be Nat type 1. If you are connected with a router, you will get nat type 2.



                                      If you do not have a PPPOE connection, find out how you connect to the internet and setup your connection that way.



                                      If you connect to the internet via a router, instead of a modem, and you still need help getting a Open nat type because you do not have a PPPOE connection, than you could try port forwarding your routers connection. You will need to get a static IP to port forward your connection and the full guide to port forwarding is below.



                                      Port forwarding guide for ps3 - This guide is for routers only, modem connections will NOT need to do this.


                                      Port forwarding guide Part 1: Setting up a static IPAll of this port forwarding information is from the portforward website.

                                      FULL GUIDE, SEE LINK.


                                      Step 1:

                                      Turn on your PS3, and then navigate to the Settings option on the main menu.

                                      Step 2:

                                      Move down this list to Network Settings. Network Settings should be at the very bottom of the list.

                                      Step 3:

                                      After you have selected Network Setting, move to the right and select Settings and Connection Status List in the list that comes up.

                                      Step 4:

                                      Write down the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Router displayed here. You will use same Subnet Mask, and Default Router down below. You will change the last octet of the IP Address and enter it below as well. More on how to do that later. Go ahead and go back to the Netowrk Settings menu.

                                      Step 5:

                                      After you have selected Network Setting, move to the right and select Internet Connection Settings in the list that comes up.

                                      Step 6:

                                      An short message will pop up. Press Ok to move on.

                                      Step 7:

                                      Select Custom for the setup method.

                                      Step 8:

                                      On the next page select Wired or Wireless connection depending upon how your PS3 is connected to your network.

                                      Step 9:

                                      We are going to setup this connection manually so we can forward ports to your PS3. So select Manual Settings.

                                      Step 10:

                                      Auto-Detect the speed and duplex settings.

                                      Step 11:

                                      We are going select Manual Settings on the IP Address Setting page.

                                      Step 12:

                                      Enter the the ip address you want to use for your PS3 into this page. It's important to choose an ip address that not in your router's dhcp range. You can check this by login in to your router and looking at it's dhcp or LAN page. Alternatively you can just pick an ip address that is not close to the ip address we found earlier. For instance if your PS3 was using something like, then you would want the new ip address to be something like If your PS3 was using something like, then you would want the new ip address to be something like Only the last group of numbers on the ip address should change, and that group of numbers would range from 2 to 254. Please, don't over think this just pick a number and go with it. I have just tried to provide some guidelines here so you can pick a better number.

                                      Enter the Default Gatway and Subnet Mask we wrote down earlier.

                                      You will also have to specify the DNS servers your PS3 will be using. This is usually required when your network's router is not passing the dns server information to the computers that have static ip address properly. First you need to find out what DNS servers your PS3 should be set to. The easiest way to do this is to give your ISP a call. They will probably ask you why you need them. Tell them the truth, your PS3 is requesting them. They should give you two ip addresses, one for the primary dns server and one for the secondary dns server.

                                      Step 13:

                                      Select Automatic for the MTU settings.

                                      Step 14:

                                      You should almost always select Do Not Use on the Proxy Server page. The only time you need to setup proxy server settings is when you connect through a proxy server. If you were doing that, you would have been given specific instructions from your isp on how to setup this section.

                                      Step 15:

                                      Set the UPNP options to Disable. UPNP should be turned off so it doesn't try to use it, instead of your port forwarding configuration.

                                      Step 16:

                                      Your PS3's IP Address should be Confirmed. If it is not then you have made an error in setting up the static ip address for your PS3.

                                      Step 17:

                                      Your PS3 should save your settings. Select the Test Connection option on this page.

                                      Step 18:

                                      All of the tests should pass, except the UPNP test. We previously disabled it. If you have already forwarded ports, you should come back with a NAT Type 2.

                                      Port forwarding guide Part 2: Port forwarding the router
                                      1. Go to http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm and select your router in the list of routers provided.

                                      2. Now select the exact model of the router you have

                                      3. scroll all the way down to "PS3 call of duty Ghost" 4. Follow the ps3 port forward guide you clicked on.

                                      Final note of recommendation

                                      Whatever you do, DO NOT DMZ your router. Some people will try to tell you this is the best way to open your nat type, but by doing this, you are bypassing the firewall and could damage your router. DMZ will indeed open your nat type, but you are at a great security risk, if you decide to go down that route. If you decide to go down that route because you are desperate to get an open nat type, than remember that there is a great security risk involved by doing so.
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                                        Re: ANYONE ELSE HAVING STRICT AND MODERATE NAT TYPE ISSUES

                                        my Nat type keeps going to moderate as well, it doesn't on MW3 and BO2

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