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    Let the 'Onslaught' begin..

      That is, the 'Onslaught' of are wallets and patience-


      Let me start by saying that putting Michael Myers in this (Down Loadable Crap) is a perfectly fitting development for the COD series... First, both are series' that were dragged out well past their prime. And second,because just like in COD, he's a guy that can take multiple gun shots but then can somehow still go on and stab you in the face.

      No but seriously- what's next.. Michael Jordan chasing you around in his number 45 baseball uniform with a bat??

      This kind of stuff is for little kids, who strangely enough, have no idea who the hell Michael Myers is anyways.. maybe they should have went with Voldemort from Harry Potter (had to look that one up), just seems more fitting..

      Then there is this "basically two new guns" bull.. how is a Assault Rifle with a sniper scope and a single-fire attachment two guns?? Gee I never realized that Ghosts had over 200 guns! wow that's really awesome.


      Anyone else get the impression that the developers think we're all complete idiots?

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          Re: Let the 'Onslaught' begin..

          Oh there are developers?

          you mean people?

          like humans ?

          I am amazed cos they have 43 million websites lots of games

          7 billion twitter accounts

          everyone moanin on ere & yet they DO NOTHING & NEVER REPLY OR HELP


          we play 24/7 you make  massive cash- get the help sorted so people in teh Uk can get help without taking speed & stayin up til 4 am!


          Seriously though -  i agree - i expected at LEAST

          1 Map for an underwater battle

          the inclusion of a space map zero g whips &  plasma guns allsorts

          at least some vehicles to play with,just one would be nice...even if we had to build the bugger

          its a nice game don`t get me wrong but weve had 3 nice games b4 it

          The issues are outside influenced maybe ex gruntled employee on the rampage with his magic codes

          they should work on makin a level playing field b4 into new maps & apps

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              Re: Let the 'Onslaught' begin..

              You have to remeber that Activision and IW are very big companies with a lot of employees. These people rely on the sales of this game to feed their families.  If I remmeber when they first leaked the 30 second trailer about Michael Myers on the internet, I remmeber seeing about 25 youtube videos speculating about what it was.  It probably took 2 employees 2 days each to reskin the juggernaught manic and get some footage for that map. But it gave them a lot of good exposure for the DLC pack at a minimal cost. 



              The skined score streak might not generate them a lot of sales on the DLC on its own. However, it created a lot of interest and got a lot of their customers to at least watch the other trailers for the DLC and to learn what it actually had.  I think it was a brilliant marketing strategy on their part and I don't see anything wrong with trying to promote their product in an effective way

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              Re: Let the 'Onslaught' begin..

              Ok we all get it, DLC is a way to get every drop of blood (money) out of a title. And for some reason giving people what they want is bad and the majority is wrong and they should cater to the minority. And any game, artist or musician that sells to the masses is selling out.

              But my real question is where the hell does "Michael Jordan chasing you around in his number 45 baseball uniform with a bat" come from?? Is that a game style that they play? I ask because you do realize Mike Myers is actually  a game style? It is a lot like infected. Heck my son played it all the way back on MW2. I personally didnt get the point but I'm also not 10.

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