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    If MW3's MP7 and ACR had a child it would be the Honey Badger


      Every FPS has that cheese ball gun. The one that's not really great at anything but good at everything. The Honey Badger is this years cheese ball, or if you prefer, cupcake. The gun has a look and feel of two of the most notoriously easy to use guns in Call of Duty history. And below I have a chart to prove that it just might be the child of the MP7 and ACR.


      Gun NameMaxMax EndMinMin BeginRecoilRoF
      MP7 35152020Good895
      Honey Badger42202033Good800


      The Gun has the ACR's max damage and max damage end but the MP7s minimum damage (note that the rage of all weapons in this game were modified for the larger maps) and it also has the average RoF between the two guns. Taking after more of the MP7 but similar to the ACR is it's recoil. Both the MP7 and the Honey Badger have self-defeating recoil. It moves just as much to the left and up as it doesn't right and down. This means that the recoil counters itself leaving your gun to focalize in the center. Anyone with a little experience with the weapon will quickly learn that you don't have to fight the recoil, just get use to it.


      As you all know, a gun's stats on paper don't always mean it performs that well in application. However, in this case it does. It translates excellently. The Honey Badger is the easiest to use gun. You see it on the ground more than any other weapon, you see it in your killcams more than any other weapon, and I've seen more KEM videos with the Honey Badger than any other weapon.


      Does this mean it needs a nerf? No, I would like to see the suppressor punish it more though. The fact that the weapon starts you out with the most widely used attachment doesn't really helps it's case for not getting a nerf. The range is better than the MP7 and the ACR, what saves it is that it's minimum damage is the same as an SMG's. However, it does have a built in suppressor so you can't look at those stats without remembering to take into consideration that a suppressor greatly reduce it's damage over distance.(does this mean that the suppressor effects the range only or the damage and the range equally giving a two fold effect?).


      GunMaxMax EndMinMin BeginRecoilRoF


      Honey Badger42202033Good800


      You can see here that both these weapons are near the same. There's a reason for this though. Both the MTAR and the Honey Badger are the middle ground between SMGs and ARs. Anyone who's used the weapons in the game can get that feel instantly. Hell, the MTAR was an AR in Black Ops II (The MTARs damage is higher than it's Black Ops II model). So it gives even more evidence that the MP7 and the ACR were both averaged to create the Honey Badger.