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        Hmm odd about Cap since I hear guys complain all the time that you cannot kill him but he does no damage. I'm about 20 splinters away so will be another couple of days before I making a decision.


        Got Storm to 60 and then played the Shocker cosmic terminal with her, pretty tough but Storm is a bad ass so she played it well. Got a couple of cosmics unfortunately they were the same piece at the uniques I already had and the uniques were way better. Re rolled one of Storm's uniques and got better numbers so that was good.


        I Have Thor at 57 and then HT at 52 followed closely by Loki at 50. Since Storm hit 60 I should get another XP boost for all my heroes when they play so leveling up should be easier, yay.


        Hopefully we get to play soon and then I can take Storm out for a duo cosmic run.

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          No reason not to try Cap out if you wanna play him.  After all, it's a game about playing your favorite Marvel heroes, so it's not like you gotta decide who to play based on how strong they are. 


          That's cool that you got Storm to 60, though.  Looks like you'll have a bunch more 60's soon with all those heroes that are getting close.  My Hawkeye is level 56 now, so he might be there before the XP bonus ends tomorrow. 

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            Well Cap is not one of my favs, never has been, not sure why, just always thought he was a bit one dimensional as a character. He just seemed like he might be a bit different to play and with his 52 review I was curious.  Still not quite to 400 but who knows I mean I don't have Spidey or Hulk either so hard to say which way I will go. Nightcrawler comes out at the end of the week and he is the first hero of my advance pack so will get him for free. So will probably run him for a bit and see how much fun he is too play. I am not just interested in power it is more about are they fun to play. Some heroes start out fun then kind of hit a wall or at least I get tired of them for some reason. I have both BP and Collossus in the 40's but I am just not that interested in playing them anymore. I have Thor so close to 60 that I will get him there, although I did have some fun with him in a LQ Doom run as he seemed to be able to handle the damage Doom was handing out pretty effectively especially if he had his warrior frenzy going.


            So am going to run HT, Loki and Thor to get them to 60 in the next couple of weeks.


            Hey did you know you now you can only have 10 synergies going at one time? I leveled Thing and DD up to 25 just to get the synergies but I cannot apply them as it keeps my other 10 heroes who have higher levels active. I had hoped you would keep adding synergies with every character you got past level 25 but maybe they have that cap in their to limit the guys who have every hero.

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              Ah, well, I got no idea then.  Cap's always been more of a melee hero that can take plenty of hits, even if he's no Colossus, though he's not great with the big crowds of enemies.  Not sure how much of that has changed with his rework, though.  You might like Scarlet Witch, since she's got some crazy area of effect stuff kinda like Storm, Torch, and some of your other heroes.  She's only 200 splinters, too, so she won't cost you too much.  Just a suggestion, since you're looking for heroes to play. 


              Also, I got Hawkeye to level 60 yesterday!  My fourth 60, though I somehow don't have any uniques for him.  I only had one drop for him as I played him, and it was for Cable.  Oh well, he's fun to play with his rework now, that's for sure.  He really handles bosses easily, even if he isn't great with big crowds sometimes. 


              Yeah, I knew that, actually.  It says it on the synergies page.  I only have 9 heroes at level 25 anyway, though I got like 4 heroes around 20.  I really should get them to 25 sometime...

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                So I got the Hulk and so far he is pretty fun, much better than the Thing. Good individual and AOE attacks and some nice powers. He has a rage or anger meter and when it gets to to the top you can activate unbridaled rage which makes him grow really big, become more durable and do way more damage. Have him up to level 20 and will continue to play him for a while.


                I only have IM and Storm to 60 but like you said I have three heroes over 50 so will get them up their soon. Now I need to earn a legendary weapon for Storm. Did you get your legendary weapon? Which one did you get?


                So if Nightcrawler comes out this week I will be giving him a spin as well but looking more forward to Nova and then of course very excited about Dr. Strange since his powers should be pretty unique.

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                  Nightcrawler is fun, fun, fun, lol. He is squishy so you have to hit and run but he does have a cool power that hides and heals him at the same time. His sword skills are great and his teleportation stuff is a blast. Liking him so far but my game keeps freezing up a bit so not sure if it is the patch or Nightcrawler. Have rebooted computer so will see.


                  You should spend some of your G's on him you have more than enough, lol.

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                    Cool!  I haven't played since the patch went up yet, since I was finishing replaying Tales of the Abyss.  Now that Hawkeye is level 60, I might pick up a new hero with my 900 splinters.  I'm leaning toward getting Rocket Raccoon, though.  I like the teleporting and stealth stuff, but I've never been much a fan of Nightcrawler as a character.  We'll see...

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                      I am with you on Nightcrawler as I never like him much either but he is part of my pack so I got him for free otherwise I wouldn't of bought him. But he is pretty fun to play that is for sure.


                      Rocket Raccoon is a hard one for me he seems like an Ewok and I despise Ewok's, lol. He does have Groot with him all the time so that is kinda of cool and he has a lot of tech things. I am will let you tell me all about how he is to play when you get him. Spend some Splinters dude. It is going to be another month before they come out with Nova and you will have earned another 400 by then anyway, Quit being a hoarder, lol.

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                        You don't like Ewoks!?  What's wrong with you? haha, I think Rocket Raccoon seems cool, and I keep saying he's gonna be my next hero, but it just never happens.  A new hero gets released, or an old one gets reworked, so I don't get around to playing him.  I say this because... I just got Nightcrawler with my massive reserves of splinters!  I had an in-game friend who already had him at 60 (don't ask how) who talked about how awesome he was, and I heard Liam O'Brien voicing his lines.  Liam O'Brien is awesome and can make even lame lines sound awesome.  Having tons of fun teleporting around, using stealth, and just doing cool stuff!

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                          I'm glad you took the plunge you splinter hoarder you, lol. I am at lvl 20 and he has been really fun so far. Both his sword and teleport powers are very cool. The only way he could get to 60 so fast and stack experience rush bars and play for like 12 hours straight. You can move up pretty quickly to 30 but getting from 30 to 60 takes a bit of work.


                          I like the way NC runs, very fun, and his teleportation powers make him very unique in his attacks.

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