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    Origins Easter Egg: looking for player/players still

      my last thread on this wasn't really as effective as I would have liked, I got responses but whenever I wanted to do the Easter egg no one had the time. Now I'm looking for active players or another player to do the Origins Easter egg, I'm willing to play with 1-2 other people it doesn't have to be 4 players, but you must be active. message me when you plan on helping me ( I will be available all weekend).


      here are some guide-lines:

      you must be 18 or older ( I will not play with children)

      if you want your friends to help I would gladly let them it doesn't matter to me.

      must open doors ( no point whores)

      no hitting the box till all generators are running or at least no mans land's generators are activated

      decided which staff you want prior to the game starting ( I honestly don't care which staff I get I honestly prefer either the lightning or fire because I can upgrade them fast- I have problems with the wind and ice staff but will take them as long as I have a little guidance).

      we must get out of the first room either by round 2 or 3 and head to generator 2 (or the generator that is near the tank station)

      all players must get the artillery strike beckon (2 people can work on them each round)

      thunder punch must be unlocked before round 15

      all players must be willing to work together this means everyone needs to be able take the zombie ad run around the map while the other work on upgrades, staffs, and perks ( I am sick of always being the one to take care of the zombie and not being able to get anything done).


      that's all I can think about at the moment, I know it seems like a lot but I'm just setting up these rules because the quicker we get the staff upgraded the easier the Easter egg will be.