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      For the past 2 weeks COD ghosts multi player has pretty much become unplayable, the constant freezing primarily at the end of a game is beyond a joke. At first I obviously thought it was either my ps3 or disk but a simple Google search confirms I am not the only one experiencing this.


      I've tried all that has been advised online to no avail, are COD even noticing this problem? and is there anything being done about it?


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          The google search you are doing is for a long term freezing problem. If you only experienced it within the last few weeks, you need to check the disk. If the disk looks good, check the bluray drive as it might have some dust on it also.

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            Could be your PS3, keep a fan blowing on it and see if it helps. (heat is its enemy)

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              i sold my disc version and got the digital one.the disc will destroy a blu ray the amount of use it gets during multiplayer.

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                Mine freezes atleast once every game session (1-2 hours). I don't believe heat is the problem, I have the system in the open. My disc is good, maybe my ps3 is going to the grave lol. Doesn't do it with any other games though, and I've had the freezing problem since day 1 of the game. Seems to happen near the end of the game and 4 out of 5 times, I'm actually doing pretty well in the game lol. Sucks, but just trying to save money for other system.

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                  game is working perfect today, lets hope it stays like this.

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                    I have been having a similar issue.  My PS3 freezes about once a night while playing, but for a while it got really bad.  I was having all sorts of disc read errors and long load times, making it impossible to play.  Obviously, that is a dying disc drive.


                    I used the PS3 Safe Mode to restore the boot files and defrag the hard drive.  Google it.  Just don't restore your whole PS3, as you'll reformat your HD.


                    I also put a book under the front of my PS3, so that the drive is tilted.  This has helped with my failing Blu-Ray, for some reason.


                    I still get freezes, but it's not as often and a lot less frusterating.


                    Good luck!