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    Maverick... my initial thoughts


      As an AR... it's pretty solid.


      ROF somewhere between the Remington and the SA805. Love the sound. Decent iron sights. Very nice with armor rounds as it doesn't have huge kick.


      It almost looks like the FAL when equipped.




      And I have a kit with it as a sniper but haven't used it yet.



      A welcome new weapon, IMO.

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          I look forward to trying it...like everyone else.

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            really love the iron sights on this as an AR

            its a really good gun for hardcore, decent damage and low rate of fire so you dont have to worry about wasting bullets..


            the sniper rifle though


            oh dear g-d that sight, hate it, adding a basic inbuilt perma oracle to a sight was horribad idea, whats worse is you change the sight it still has the oracle effect.


            ok this is slightly offset by the huge kick but across map sniping just went easy mode

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              A Little of topic but are the maps intergated into the hc rotation or do we get a playlist. I haven't had a chance to even look yet

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                Awsome it's about time. Are there more that the 4 modes that we have in hc playlist

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                  The maverick reminds me of the SCAR H from black ops 2. It a high damage gun with good iron sights and a decent reload.  However, this weapon has low recoil and a low fire rate making it extremely accurate out to the end of middle distance.  It really is a hybrid between the assult rifles and the LMGs.  I have played the weapon for a couple of hours now trying to find the best way to employ it.  I used it without any attachments to start and picked up quite a few of them off the ground. Apparently it's a popular gun. The most common attachment mix I see is the foregrip paired with either the silencer or muzzle break. 



                  After some experimenting I ended up with this class working well for me.



                  Primary Weapon: Maverick Assult Rifle

                  Attachments: Shotgun, extened magazine

                  Secondary: Kastet

                  Perks: Ready Up, Stalker, scavenger, focus

                  Equipment: Trophy system



                  Since the weapon seems to be a hybrid between the AR and LMG catagory I decided to build a class that plays to its strenghts while countering its one major weakness. Ready up and stalker are pretty common place on an LMG build and they suite the Mavericks style allow you to move and compete in a middle range band.  The extened magazine allows for a more sustained fire between reloads and allows the gun to hold an area like an LMG for a short while.  It also provides more starting ammo for the weapon.



                  The big issue with the Maverick is the slow rate of fire. At longer ranges if you miss any shots your time to kill drops hard.  Focus comes in handy to keep the gun on target at range and compete with some of the faster firing weapons.  Likewise the slow fire rate is a liability in close combat which, is wny I am using the shotgun.   Like an LMG this weapon burns through a lot of ammo with sustained fire so scavenger comes in handy to keep the ammo coming along with keeping the shotgun full.   The trophy system offers some grenade protection if I want to hold down an area and the Kastet offers me an explosive option since the shotgun fills the role of a pistol on this build.

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                    I have picked it up from a few guys that i have killed, it is pretty solid, the iron sights are very good , better than some standard issue weapons.  But i dont think its any better or worse than some other AR's.


                    But in saying that i am sure the "nerf it, its OP" threads are not to far away

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                        They are indeed cropping up.

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                          There is one on the forums already...


                          People cry OP at anything that beats their chosen loadout...

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                              And then one of the only reasons they can really come up with (that isn't even a good reason) is that "everyone is using it".


                              Well, duh, it only just came out on the PS3 and 4, so of course most of the PS3 and 4 users are going to flock to it to try it out for themselves and/or try to unlock everything it has. People did the exact same thing with the Peacekeeper in BO2, and people also made "Peacekeeper is OP" threads on the very first day for the same "reason".


                              Then some try to say "it's a 2 hit kill" while completely ignoring the pathetically short range of that 2 hit kill, even with the Muzzle Brake, and over-exaggerating by saying it kills in 2 shots across the map.


                              Then they ignore the slower fire rate, which would cost many users in CQC fights against SMGs and shotguns, or any faster AR like the FAD or ARX-160, and act like it's a total lead splitter just because it BARELY fires faster than the Remington R5 (yet ignore the fact that the AK12 is faster than either).


                              Then they also ignore the slight recoil and visual kick it has, even with the 15% decrease in recoil for the first three shots.


                              Then they ignore that Ghosts does not emphasize CQC (I burst out laughing seeing people actually try to say that NOW when they were most likely among the BO2 crowd crying that the maps were "too big" and didn't play so much CQC) to try to justify the 2 hit kill aspect.

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                                Sad but true

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                              Every time I hear the Maverick being shot, i get modded controller FAL flashbacks from MW2. It sounds exactly the same to me.

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                                Using Burst Fire almost gives you a third weapon. It's probably the best AR to use burst with.

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                                  Has anyone else noticed it sounds like a sentry gun? haha


                                  Its decent, reloads quickly and as mentioned, is loud which I love.

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                                    Agreed. a fine dlc weapon indeed.