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    No hardcore SnD no purchase of DLC


      Game is fun but no hardcore search and destroy yet, not worth getting new maps. I hope this is the last IW COD. Treyarch makes a better product.  Over and out.

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          Hell nobody plays Core SnD, y would they add HC SnD???  

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            Actually... HC SnR is a great change from what SnD had become.




            And insulting the devs will really get the to listen to you.

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              I have said this quite a few times in other posts about the different game modes.  There is a larger issue here and its not as easy as just adding it to the playlist.  The playerbase is segmented.  It doesn't need to be segmented anymore.  Remember when there were only two major consoles (sorry Wii-U)?  Now there are four.


              Generally speaking, the HC playerbase makes up around 15-20% of the players online.  There are times where the PS4 and XB1 dip below the 20K mark (seen it as low as 5K).  Now simple math would show that if you had 20K people online, you would have roughly 3K-4K playing HC.  If you continue to add more game modes to the playlist, you are going to start seeing less and less people per game type.  The amount of people playing in each game type are going to be looking a lot more like the 'Hunted' and 'Heavy Duty' lobbies.  It is also going to result in increased matchmaking times which are going to result in complaint threads.  There are people that are going to be matched outside their region which is going to result in complaint threads about connections.  Regardless what the Devs do, it is going to result in complaints.


              I haven't really played the 'Destroy' version of search in Core since 'Rescue' has replaced it for me.  I have played more Search in this title than any other title- at one point, it was the bane of my existance.  I have also played more HC in this title than any other also, thanks to there not being any connection issues (if I could only get my clan to play it).  Once you have a playerbase that isn't console hopping and the permanent playerbase is there, I am all for adding it.  Until then, we need to keep the options where they are.

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                  that may be. but why the hell would they only add SnD to core. clearly it is something they could easily do. when they added it to just core that pissed me off even more than not having it at all.

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                      S&R is the same thing but I know people dislike it because they can't just sit in a corner & expect to kill the whole team. You have to actually move to eliminate people. Such a shame. Honestly they should of never added S&D back in. IW made a much much better game mode to replace it. All they should of added was an option in private match to turn off tags.


                      What we actually need back is Demo, HQ, Hardpoint or CTF. Remove Hunted, Hunted FFA, Ghost Moshpit & maybe S&D then put all those modes in. Game will be much better & I will play it longer in a sitting.

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                    Rob, I am with you.


                    I Will Not Be Buying any DLC's for this game, unless they bring back Hardcore SnD.


                    For that matter, I will not be buying any other COD Games if it does not have Hardcore SnD.


                    I know we probably make up 10-15% of multiplayers, but I have Played Hardcore SnD since COD 4: MW (when the COD series really grew), and it is the only game type I care to play.


                    Hardcore Snd has been in the following games:

                    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

                    Call of Duty: World at War

                    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

                    Call of Duty: Black Ops

                    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

                    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

                    It has been in each COD game since COD 4: MW, which is where the series grew substantially.


                    Why take the game mode out NOW??? (and then bring it back only to Core, and not hardcore. Completely unfair.)


                    Personally I am done with COD, unless Treyarch brings back Hardcore Search and Destroy in the next COD game. I am selling this game on eBay.


                    Infinity Ward has lost me as a COD Fan.

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                      It's very clear and simple to me. The devs know that if HC SND is introduced now, SNR will suffer and that would be considered as a 'FAIL' so to speak in regards to bringing something new to the franchise. What they don't realise(maybe they do and don't care) is that some things just don't need fixing if they are not broken and the worst thing they could do is force people to do what they want. If you think this works then you clearly need some life lessons on human nature. Content as game breaking as this should be handled in a way where it is introduced in addition to the existing and when it is accepted by the community then developed further...etc. Despite the damage that you have caused I believe it is early enough in the year to fix this and win back the votes of those that you have lost. If Treyarch follow in these footsteps(doubtful) then its the end of my call of duty online campaign. This has the potential to be the greatest COD title when it is fixed. BO2 reigns supreme at the time of writing this. Cheers.

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                        SnR playlist doubles SnD so y would they also bring in HCSND?  Most peeps r gonna play regardless if their fav playlist is not there. 


                        U r the minority sir!!