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        130. Re: Looking for good players - Guns'R'Us

        Hi EliteKing


        yes forums are nice to get connected but it is on the battlefield where the fun is

        I didn't have the chance yet to play with you


        when will we see you on the wii?

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          131. Re: Looking for good players - Guns'R'Us

          i havent really been playing all that much anymore.


          gotta get up at the ass crack of dawn and go to sleep around 10pmish.


          *sighs* havent been on skype, have been foruming...havent been doing a lot of things that have been fun lately...

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            132. Re: Looking for good players - Guns'R'Us

            I am quite busy at times also

            the invitation is open

            whenever you can it will be a pleasure

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              133. Re: Looking for good players - Guns'R'Us

              hi i still play this game.. i literally just got done playing against DEERHUNTER.. he kicked my butt but i've kicked his butt many times before so were even lol.. i'm a female, im good and just lookin for ppl who play still if you do you should add me i'll forsure accept! heres my friend code and anyone else can add me too! I am currently prestige 4 at 61 but i've been full prestige awhile back but deleted my account lol my player name is .VIXEN. add me! 1503-4011-3948-6492

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                134. Re: Looking for good players - Guns'R'Us

                Hey VIXEN! I'm Denise '92. But you may have seen me as just "Denise" on WaW. I only just recently added the 92 to my name. I know for sure I have definitely run into you, and you are a good player! Anyways, Its really good to see that another gamer has found this thread! We have a really talented, skilled group of players here and would love for you to be a part of it. I'm also a female, so I'm very excited to team up with another girl gamer! Not many of us girls on here so it is definitely a pleasant surprise to see your comment asking to be buddies with us. I think you wrote down your Wii code instead of your WaW FC though! But here's my FC: 5198-8222-9909.


                Haven't been on in a while, took a little break from gaming for a week or 2 but I am looking to rejoin the fight very soon! By the way, all of us have youtube accounts, and that's where we do most of our communicating. I also make WaW videos pretty regularly. Check them out if you like! Here's my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/USWNTfan92


                Feel free to subscribe to us all and engage in our little youtube community. If you do, we will certainly return the favor


                - Denise '92

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                  135. Re: Looking for good players - Guns'R'Us

                  So according to the Nintendo website it looks like the day we all knew would come but hoped it never did is now set in stone It looks like Nintendo has chosen May 20th 2014 as the day they shutdown the servers for Wii/DS. I hope before then I get to team up with as many of you as I can for that one last hurrah! To all those that I've gamed with and against along this 6 year journey I salute you for the incredible competition and comraderie I've enjoyed along the way. My one final personal goal before the plug is pulled is to get 10k wins. I'm less than 200 away.....

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                    136. Re: Looking for good players - Guns'R'Us



                    This is really soon!

                    will we be able to play the game on the wii U?


                    I was thinking of getting a PS4 but will play with my thumbs then

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                      137. Re: Looking for good players - Guns'R'Us



                      Good to see new people

                      code may not be right...

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                        138. Re: Looking for good players - Guns'R'Us

                        Hey Vixen, we definitely had some games against each other, you're a very good player! Here is my friend code#163402492658! The code you posted is your wii code, we exchange friend codes much easier! Do you have a YouTube account?

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                          139. Re: Looking for good players - Guns'R'Us



                          call of duty is not on the list

                          we should not be affected

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