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        70. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

        Hi, what I really want to see in C.O.D Ghosts is the HK416 Assualt Rifle. And make a create your own Emblem AND Title. That would be cool. Also a create your own Weapon Camo. If that's added I'm buying it 100% I'm sure others would agree

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          71. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

          All great ideas. I've played Call Of Duty From the start, im a huge fan. I've never came on the website to give suggestions up until now because i think Infinity award needs our help. I miss playing call of duty with my friends. And i know im not the best writer but this idea needs to be heard.

          1. Infinity Award should bring back some of the classic game modes that kept people playing. Instead of putting 2 game modes that are like TDM ex. cranked and kill confirmed put game modes that feel completely different. Headquarters Demolition and Domination all feel different when you play them. When i play ghosts i feel like we're forced to play the same game modes. Theres a huge list of game modes that nobody plays. My favorite game mode was HEAD QUARTERS because it was competitive. Im not the only one who feels this way becasue i play all the time and ask people what they think.They all want HQ back or at least something similar to it. Classic game modes from the old call of duties made the game. I get that they want people to try new ones but at least put the old ones in for the biggest fans. Bottom line dont spend so much time making several game modes that nobody will play.

          2.Could chill on nerfing the rushing weapons.

          3. More killstreaks. Where is the AC130!?

          4.Keep updating

          5. HQ or Hardpoint both classic clan battle game modes. Nobody camps, the most hardcore game modes i've played. They feel different from every other game mode. Its a must have in Call Of Duty. Im speaking for everyone who has played HQ or Hardpoint.

          All I want for this game is for it to be the best that it can be. THANK YOU!

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            72. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

            zombies4lyfe wrote:



            16: Spawn killing and bad spawns need to go aswell. In general make larger maps or atleast a small base area the enemy can not go into... i know it sounds like battle field... but thats because battle field got alot of this stuff right.

            I don't know how I randomly found this old post but I laughed at the irony of you saying spawns suck and to fix them the maps need to be bigger.

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              73. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

              I think for Call Of Duty Ghosts that they should make a map pack to where you get a field order and it makes those whom have the spacesuit customization suit to where they have little gravity. Idk or something aound thoe lines Hey just a suggestion!

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                74. Re: CALL OF DUTY "GHOSTS" Ideas

                Call of duty ghosts should have a zombie dog off of black ops 2 for a guard dog on ghosts and have a zombie kill streak where you get 30 kills and zombies attack the other team

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