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    Forum reputation and missions.

      The change or addition of the reputation system was sort of dumb on the part of Activision or who ever made the decision to do it. Reputation systems hardly ever work as intended on forums for people will and do abuse them. I have over 900 points from doing nothing but liking/logging in and rating posts over the last three months.


      Plus unless a person really cares about the reputation of theirs or others it really is meaningless and purposeless. It is just another way for people to stroke their ego's about their online persona which probably in many cases has no direct relation to who they are offline at all. On here I can be a total arse and troll people at times. In reality I have gone out of my way to help strangers at times and not expected anything in return not even a thank you. A difference as big as the sun and the moon at times.


      Another problem it causes is post whoring/rating and can be abused in many ways. I could easily create 10 different accounts with different emails using proxies so the ip is different and then create topics and have those alt accounts like and positively rate and share my posts to drive my reputation up. I could then have them create topics where I answered the question and they marked mine as right, thus further boosting my reputation. It would not be hard to do. I have done it before on other places because they used reputation system. I then could use those 10 alt accounts and my own to negatively vote any idea and rate down any post I didn't like and report them for various reasons to make the other person look bad.


      p.s. I know this probably belongs in offtopic but I put it here for a reason. The reason of having the most see it.




      If you look at that page you can see the rewards you get..really silly they are going to offer mod status to anyone that reaches level 9... and the fact that some of the other items are of limited quantities which further promotes abuse of the system.


      On  A side not they really should not let the author rate his/her own post... for I can rate mine low or high and thus inflate the rating to begin with or wait and then add my vote to improve the rating...

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          Re: Forum reputation and missions.

          No matter what system someone will find a way to abuse it. Yes you got 900 points for reading and applying a like to stuff , that is still participating . Not sure how proportional that is to systems used in the past.

          Wasnt really sure about this system until recently when I actually looked at it, since I only started on here in mw3 and it has changed a time or two, not really worried about this one sticking. I have received a few of your likes and I remember sow of your stuff from the bo2 forums been waitimg to see some of your post.. I may get a thanks one out of eight or so which doesn't bother me in the slightest.. The part that bothered me was when others felt the need to go into it override the op and mark there answer correct and lock the thread.. Sort of takes the right away from the op even to complete certain missions, not to mention how many times what they replied was a blanket statement and not an answer and in no way helped the op.

          BO2 I can't say how many post I saw that would just say "yes" or "no" to up there post count . The post whoring is going to happen no matter what system is used. If someone feels the need to create 10 alter emails to fluff there ego , well they have other issues and should take a pez. Your right many act inflated while online, on any platform that they never have to face the person that they are speaking to.

          HAd no idea about the store, but that is my fault for not checking out everything this has to offer.

          Yes think this is the right forum for this topic.

          Very rare are that I reply to any of the threads in off topic ,, nothing against it I do look at it and may get more involved in it in the future .

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            Re: Forum reputation and missions.

            Any system can be abused, no matter how many precautions are put in place.  Human beings have an incredible ability to adapt to any change in their environment.  There will be a few who do decide that all the work needed to boost on the forums is worth it, but most members won't care to do that much work for something, that in reality, has no meaning in real life.


            And, have you seen how many points it takes to get to Level 9?  That, in itself would discourage a lot of people from boosting.  It would become a full-time job to get there with any kind of speed.



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              Re: Forum reputation and missions.

              I have a reputation?  Who knew?  Don't take this the wrong way but I don't really care if I have one or not.  I do what I do on the forums because I like doing it.  Granted there will be some folks that are inspired by whatever reward system is put in place and will find a way to milk it for all that it's worth but the rewards are just there to encourage activity and they do just that.  Not everyone is like me and participates just because they like doing it.  Some need a little incentive and that is why reward systems exist.  They don't exist to keep abusers from milking them.  They exist to motivate the segment of the population that can be motivated by them to participate.

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                Re: Forum reputation and missions.

                To each of you that has replied I thank you for your view on it. Unfortunately I cannot mark any as correct for I never marked it as a question. Since it was more of a personal statement about my feelings toward these changes. You each have made valid points on possible pros to the system, while yet acknowledging the possible cons and I thank you for this.

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                  Re: Forum reputation and missions.

                  These systems are based more on a mathematical formula than honesty. The honest people (truly caring and sharing types) will be honest, the cheaters will cheat.  With that being said, I myself created a post that had some misinformation in it and was deleted by a moderator. But I still got points for the post even though no one else saw it. I guess I am a cheater now…..


                  Moderator if you are reading this, please don't revoke my points - I am trying to get to level 9

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                    Re: Forum reputation and missions.

                    Every time the reputation system is changed people complain and any rep system can cheated.


                    A lot of vets would like to see the WaW style back.

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                      Re: Forum reputation and missions.

                      Is there any way we can have those that don't care about their points transfer those points to me?

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