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    operations broken

      why are my operations still broken. I get kicked back to main menu when I select operation. it has been like this since launch. almost 3 months an no fix is a joke. I have re-installed several times, I have no idea what to do now. can support please advise me and not jus ignore this

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          Re: operations broken

          It is ridiculous that they have not fixed this yet. If I split screen with someone they can access the operations but my profile is unable to access them. Thus, it should not be the install but instead some sort of bug that only affects some profiles.


          Missing out on a lot of XP and squad points due to this bug!

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            Re: operations broken

            Greetings a_wyatt,


            Thanks for taking the time to post.


            I did want to let you know that Infinity Ward are aware that this matter is still affecting a small amount of users after the matter was addressed in a title update a few month back. At this time we are looking to get an update about this, but in the mean time, please fee free to message me your gamertag/console.




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