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    Bug with Call of Duty Ghost App and Loadout in actual game.

      So this is the story. I have 4 loadouts I edit one of them in the Call of Duty App . Now when I go to the game I am not prompt to the message that says I have edited my classes. In-game I buy more loadouts now i have 6 for example. I spent squad points on weapons and other stuff. However a day pass then when I return to the Call of Duty Ghosts I am finally prompted to the message that I changed one or more of loadouts and if I want to accept to these changes. I say yes. However the problem is the loadouts I unlocked the (2 extra loadouts) are relocked or they became locked. My squad points decreased like if I bought the loadouts previously. I am warning people before buying loadouts or items in-game make sure you accept the changes you have done on the Ghost App before you make the purchases in-game. Hopefully this will be fixed. I'm kinda sad I lost nearly lost all my squad points and have to earn them back again. But whatev.

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          Re: Bug with Call of Duty Ghost App and Loadout in actual game.

          Hello kyuubiwar,


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          Thanks for taking the time to report this matter to us. If you can please check again and confirm with me that the points are still missing that were spent. For the sake of testing, can you try to unlink/relink your gamertag to your account and play a couple of matches.


          Also, can you let me know what console you are playing?




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            Re: Bug with Call of Duty Ghost App and Loadout in actual game.

            this happened to me several times. I bought loadout5 and 6 two times each. I bought several guns two times with sights and barrels. I called up Call of duty customer service and spoke to Agent Ian and his supervisor Miguel. They were behaving as thought they have not heard of this problem. Miguel said he will not be able to return my points nor unfreeze the stuff I bought.

            I told them I pay battlefield and never had this problem. I called Microsoft and they walked me through the entire process of reinstalling stuff but nothing worked and then they suggested me to call Call of duty guys, which is so Ironic they don't want to do their duty and could only say "Iam sorry this happened to you", and "this is very unfortunate".

            blah blah. i wish someone can help me.


            I was promised my Miguel that he is going to email me a list of steps I should do to get my points back. He told me he is going to email me in 10 minutes. Its been more than 2 hours since i spoke to him. I called the call center back and got a message that the center is closed. Why do supervisors make false promises. This pisses me off. Activision made millions if not billions on this game and yet they cannot find solutions to this problem or at least find right people to work for their call center.

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