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    How important are stats to you?

      Seems the whole community is obsessed with them. I know people who will even base the quality of the game off how good their stats are in it.

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          Well since your post seems to be a direct question to readers



          I couldn't give two ***** what my stats are i just play to have fun.



          If someone tries to say "LOL U SUK BRAH MY K/D IS 0.90 higher than yours!"



          I just ignore the try-hard ***** and move on

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              IT SHOULD BE!  No one should be playing a game to lose, most play to win, and with wins comes good stats. The team with higher KDs are going to win more often and have more fun then the ones that lose. I have good stats that are comparable to few, 1.9kd with 2100 AVGSCORE master prestige in 12 days without trying hard. TRYHARD campers I believe ruin the game, you will see them with a 2.0KD and a 1500AVGSCORE(because they usually don't get many kills but few deaths= less score = more days till they prestige). The campers I refer to are the ones that start that game and end the game in the same spot they spawned at, they usually find the hardest area to spot where they can see you and you cant see them. Now these campers have high KD, but can be easily be beat with matching KD's that run, I mean run strategically not just run around with your head cut off like your playing kill confirmed with some good players on your team. If there wasn't so many corner campers and HACKERS in Cod it would be 10x better.

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                  To each their own i suppose


                  I enjoy making small competitions for myself to challenge me if it lowers my scores so be it i'm playing in a more difficult way than most players do


                  If i want to run knife only with stealth only perks it will ruin my stats of course! but thats my decision and i shouldn't be judged in overall skill due to the affects of the aforementioned challenge



                  This is why stats are irrelevant to me

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                In my humble opinion, the only stats that matter to me are my own. I know some of the forumers think this is a normal thing for me to only care about myself but in the case of stats, it is true.


                Without know the story behind stats, they are extremely misleading. Take for instance, I am in a Domination lobby. I look and notice one guy on the other team has less captures than me but way more kills. Does this mean that player is a bad Domination player? Not at all because it could be because he plays with randoms. Or because he plays with a team and sits back and defends. Perhaps he just prefers to go OMGWTFBBQ on everybody and not worries about the captures. Maybe he is just unlucky and gets killed before the captures complete. You never know the story behind them.


                Now, as for my own stats, I know how I play. I watch my W/L go up and down. I watch my K/D go up and down. If I see my K/D going down and W/L going down, I know I need to change up my own strategy. If the exact opposite is going on, I figure out what I am doing good and try to build upon that.


                Again, the only stats that should matter are your own. You know what you want to accomplish in this game, whether it be a high K/D or a high W/L or just out for fun, Use those stats for you to see if you are accomplishing what you want.

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                  I only play TDM or FFA most of the time and considering K/D and W/L are the MAIN objective I DO care about my stats...



                  And for someone to say


                  "If someone tries to say "LOL U SUK BRAH MY K/D IS 0.90 higher than yours!"



                  I just ignore the try-hard ***** and move on"


                  is obviously just bad at the game and mad because he/she cannot get good stats. It's a game your supposed to "try hard"

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                      Man you are really stupid aren't you?


                      You're not supposed to "try hard" in a video game


                      Video games are meant for enjoyment not popping a blood vessel trying to get a 3.0 K/D


                      And if you MUST know my stats my K/D is right below 1.6 which is average so get off my tits kid


                      I have fun going knife only with only stealth perks as a joke which will **** my stats


                      I enjoy playing around noob tube only


                      I enjoy knife only gun games






                      There is so much this game has to offer if you're not blind enough to focus 100% on stats and consistent winning games are meant to be FUN not something to take seriously or be proud of for getting "Good Stats"

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                      stats can never tell you the entire story, i have 1.96 KD, but ill tell you i suck at the game, so why is it so high? because i play solo and knowing i wont win with randoms i dont play the objective and just go for kills

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                        Learnt my lesson on MW 2, it was my first venture into multiplayer gaming and got my orse spanked big time !!!! Spent ages, many months, just getting a 1.0 kd and when I did I was quite good at it. Other players would see my stats and think walk over only to come a cropper, so stats are not a very good indication on how good a player is. KD is all important for TDM FFA and possibly  KC, however not so for other modes. It's all personal at the end of the day, we can all recall seeing amazing stats and then giving em a kicking or vice versa. Play for fun or challenges or whatever but don't get hung up on KD it means nothing.    

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                          I'm not interested in stats but play with a lot of players that are stat crazy.... I don't get any enjoyment out of stats but they sure do.

                          I do think it makes me try harder to help the team when player with others that care about winning just because I don't want to let the team down.

                          but solo I don't care about winning I just play for fun.

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                            They are not important to me.  I hardly ever look at them.  As in months can easily go by without me looking at my stats.  What is important to me (and it's just for me) is do I feel like I made a difference in the match.  Whether I went positive or negative, won or lost did I at least do a good job of giving the enemy a difficult time.  If I did I'm happy about my performance and if I didn't then I look for ways to do a better job in the next match.  Whatever stats come from all of this really doesn't matter to me.  I'm playing to be competitive and so long as I have succeeded then that's what is important to me.

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                              They serve as a baseline on how well I am doing, so yes I do care about my W/L and K/D. Since this is an IW game, I'm more interested in K/D because there's no point playing the objective in IW games, and is also the reason why I like KC so much, being an objective I don't have to run with a team to do well on.

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                                I have an objective account, and a stats account. I mainly like to maintain a 1.20 KDR. It's not insanely important or anything. I just don't like it to fall lower than that. Usually I'll just play less aggressively if my KDR is falling. I don't resort to camping, but I slow down my pace so I can rack up bigger streaks.


                                On my objective account, I don't care. I kill people who are on/near the objective and then I take the objective. If I die a lot, it doesn't matter. Objective games are made for objective players. KDR is not important, but the ability to kill and avoid death still is if you are near the objective. I die a lot more, but I get a lot of caps. That's the point of objective game modes. I think my objective account only has a 1.020 KDR. Which is awful, but I can still kill quite a few enemies, and I get a lot of caps. It depends on how you look at it.

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                                  My kd in TDM and W/L overall r the only stats i care about.


                                  My overall kd is a lot lower and i don't care cause i am still winning objective modes.

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                                    Just play for fun

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                                      I was just curious how people on the forums felt about stats. To me personally it's hard to not have a harmless initial opinion about somebody based off their stats. I don't automatically think they are terrible or good because of them though. There are some cases where the person just messes around a lot but that typically tells me that if I'm trying to win they aren't going to be much help. I wouldnt tell somebody they couldnt play with me because their stats were terrible though. I can't stand people like that. I would much rather play with somebody that is average and wants to win over somebody that gets a lot of kills. Generally the people that go for high kills rage a bit too much.