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        150. Re: `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

        I doubt it. I've read about Xbox One making it able to play against PC gamers but it's not talking about Ghosts but mainly in general. If cross platform gameplay happens I guess it should happen first on Xbox One & PC as MS next gen console has the same PC architecture (like PS4).

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          151. Re: `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

          Did you actually play a few matches with DA controls yourself?

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            152. Re: `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

            I know plenty of people that use DA's, been using them as long as they have been around, why?

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              153. Re: `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

              im going to go do a aimassist test, not going to have a video, dont have a capture card, but i will tell you how it turns out.  i wont have any issue turning my aimassist off if DA ends up with aimassist that was nurfed enough(i heard it was weaker just dont know how much) and if wiiremote snap on ended up being to strong this time around.

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                154. Re: `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

                A_Trey_U wrote:


                We're overdue for some booster clean-up in BO2.  I'll see what we can do once we get through our launch period for Ghosts.


                Netcode improves from project to project.  I'm hoping to see improvements on this title.


                I can't speak to servers at this time and I also can't talk about reporting options at this point.


                Our version was optimized for the highest quality Wii U experience.


                I'll be playing whenever I can.  I use multiple accounts.  I'd like to see us do some Play with Devs nights.  I hope we can get some of those organized this year.


                style.org > Estimating the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow


                Glad to be back.

                this was 2 weeks before launch...just refreshing everyone's memory.

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                  155. Re: `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

                  I wish we had those play with the devs night's to...

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                    156. Re: `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

                    how we could play with those that have disappeared as usual is beyond me.

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                      157. Re: `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

                      Yeah, I remember that reply.  It gave me such high hopes.


                      Damn bizarre how the exact opposite has happened, though.


                      I read that you had a message about a playlist update.  Maybe, just maybe, they are swamped with catching everything up.

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                        158. Re: `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

                        Foxhound-Pro wrote:


                        A_Trey_U wrote:


                        I want my participation with the community to be a positive and productive experience.  If the posts are accusatory and negative, I'll likely avoid commenting.

                        Before you posted I was in the process of removing a few posts. Feel free to message me via DM or email if someone goes beyond providing feedback / opinions and starts bashing or attacking.


                        Guys, keep it on point and keep it classy.

                        ive deleted all my bookmarks etc, and as i said im going to be avoiding this place a while. good to see that people are wanting to pay money to see me 1v1 somebody though! some of you have way to much time on your hands. either way i see im not the only one tired of the drama and bs. ill still be playing daily so the friends on my list, you all know how you are, feel free to text and invite. im sure ill occasionally look in as i have since blops1, before i started posting, but i see nothing productive coming out of these boards anymore, and its a shame. @ gamebro, i will still be updating you via pm or text as far as glitches, had an interesting one earlier which led me here.

                        if i was wrong about anything i said to anybody, i honestly apologize, ive always spoke my mind, and it gets me into problems every now and then, but i am who i am. im still going to continue playing and enjoying this title, but i am taking my own advice concerning these boards. if its not fun or enjoyable then why bother? i decided to reply with a quote, and if you browse this discussion you can read trey write that it is not in his job description to post here or communicate with anyone, think about that.

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                          159. Re: `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

                          You'll be back....... Sooner than later..

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