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        I'll agree that the trailer was pretty awesome! The Winter Soldier looks like a great villain and I like that they are just kind of teasing us with him right now. I'll be interested to see how much the marketing will tell the general audience about his identity. Will they try to keep it a secret for those that don't know their comic book history?  I think it would be pretty tough to keep it a secret because some reviewers might spell it out or if people are observant and see a cast list they would figure it out pretty easily. But there are also people like my brother that might only see a trailer and not know anything else about the movie besides the fact that it looks good and go in pretty blind.


        I have a feeling TWS might end up being my favorite solo movie from Phase 2 (fitting, since TFA is my favorite from Phase 1!)


        @Hawk - the shot in the hospital is actually Nick Fury who is on the table with Cap, BW, and I think Maria Hill looking on.

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          That makes sense.  I'm guessing that Bucky got hired by Robert Redford's character to assassinate Fury, but Cap intervenes.


          I can't wait to see the trailer before Thor.  I bet it'll be even cooler on the big screen!

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            Finally watched the trailer and I thought it rocked! Really liked it and also like the tone and scope of it. Was not a fan of the first Cap movie and felt it was the weakest in phase 1 but this one looks like it is leaps and bounds above that and might compete with Thor for the phase 2 crown. Of course all I am basing Thor on are the awesome trailers so still have to see the movie but it just feels like it is going to be really good and the reviews so far have been very positive. Kind of nice to get a Marvel movie every six months or so, lol.

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              Rumor has it that the Russo brothers are in negotiations to direct a third Captain America movie.  I guess that means that Marvel really likes their work on TWS!  I'm excited to see another trailer during the Super Bowl (then it's trailer blackout time!)

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                That sounds pretty promising!  Although an odd choice when it was announced, when you hear the brothers talk about how they wanted to improve Cap's fight scenes and their ideas for a political thriller and dealing with Cap's adjustment to the modern day ya definitely understand why Marvel chose them.  I can't wait to see the Super Bowl ad!  Hard to believe we're only a few months away from its release!

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                  It's gotta be a good sign that they want them back for the third one.  I'm totally excited for this movie!  It's the one I'm looking forward to most out of all the phase 2 movies.  Seeing Cap and Tasha team up, SHIELD get all shady, and Winter Soldier... So cool.  We're only about 2 months away, too!

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                    Here's hoping for a Hawkeye cameo!  If Cap can cameo in Thor, Clint can cameo in Cap, right?,,,,right?

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                      You'll get a Groot cameo and like it. 

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                        New CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Posters!


                        Some new posters featuring Cap, Fury, and BW.  A behind the scenes snapshot at the bottom also has Batroc in it.

                        Very excited for this movie!


                        Also, in this interview with Chris Evans (good read...he always seems like a pretty cool guy in interviews) the mention looking at the video game version of Cap for inspiration on his fighting style.  Having played the game, that is good news to me!

                        Can you talk a bit about the new fighting style?

                        Evans: That’s what we were all saying. I remember when we were first talking with the Russos … Has anyone here played the Captain America video game?


                        Evans: I love it. [laughs] And I don’t like video games. And I love it because I love the way Cap moves, he moves so well and he just beats ass. [laughs] It’s like, that’s how this guy needs to be moving. This isn’t just the guy who’s been given the ability of speed and power, he’s been training. He’s been put through… he’s got the frame of mind to absorb this information, so you can only assume with training and his ability, the guy should really be dangerous. And we should show that. It’s not just, “Take Jason Bourne and make him” you know. If Jason Bourne can do it, Cap should be flying through these things. So we had a bit of fun turning up his power, turning up his speed. So the fights are a lot more grisly and impactful, and in my opinion, cooler.

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                          Read a cool interview with Chris Evans today. Nothing really spoilery that we didn't already know like who Winter Soldier is and stuff like that. 

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